Monday, November 16, 2009

All You Magazine Coupons + Amazon Deal!

If you're a newbie couponer or if you're just look for additional ways to build up your coupon stash, then you'll definitely want to start getting All You magazine. This magazine can be found exclusively at Walmart and you can also subscribe to it. All You is filled with money saving tips, recipes, and my favorite part--lots of great coupons... some of the coupons are even high value then the ones you'll find online or in the newspaper!

Currently, Amazon is offering up a discount on a 1 year or 2 year subscription to All You magazine! The All You (2-year) is priced at $34. Plus, you'll get an additional $5 off automatically deducted at checkout. Final cost just $29 for 24 issues--which equals out to only $1.21 per issue! Or you can snag All You (1-year) for $19.95 with an additional $3 automatically taken off at checkout. Final cost $16.95 for 12 issues--just $1.41 per issue.

This magazine will more then pay for itself when your first issue arrives! Why? Well, check out all the coupons in the upcoming December issue:

$0.75/1 Bertolli Pasta Sauce (exp. 12/25/2009)
$0.50/1 Colgate Wisp, 16-ct product (exp. 2/21/2010)
$0.55/2 Domino Sugar Products, 2-lbs or larger (exp. 1/31/2010)
$1.50/1 Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion or Hand Cream (excluding Energy Glow and trial sizes) (exp. 1/31/2010)
$2/1 Ester-C The Better Vitamin C, any size or strength (exp. 12/26/2009)
$1/3 Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, 2 oz trays, any variety (exp. 2/28/2010)
$1/4 Hunt's Canned Tomatoes, 14.5 oz or larger (exp. 2/7/2010)
$1/1 Hunt's Ketchup wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$1/1 Kellogg's All-Bran Cereal, 11.4 oz or larger, any flavor (exp. 2/1/2010)
$1/1 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Touch of Honey Cereal, 12 oz or larger (exp. 2/1/2010)
$1/1 Marie Callender's Pasta Al Dente (exp. 2/7/2010)
$1/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip, 11 oz or larger (exp. 2/28/2010)
$1/1 McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasoning Blend wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$1/1 Nature Made Vitamins (exp. 12/31/2009)
$2/1 any Neutrogena Product (exp. 2/17/2010)
$3/1 Neutrogena Cosmetics Item (exp. 1/3/2010)
$1/1 Nivea Body Wash wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$1/1 N.Y.C. New York Color (Item valued at $1.72 or more) (exp. 12/31/2009)
$1/1 N.Y.C. New York Color ($1.99 or more) wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$1/1 Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Cord, 6-pk (exp. 2/7/2010)
$1/1 Parkay, 1-lb sticks (exp. 2/7/2010)
$1/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter, 28 oz or larger (exp. 2/7/2010)
$1/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$10/1 Philips Norelco arcitec, Speed-XL (8200 series), or Nivea for Men Razor (exp. 1/31/2010)
$5/1 any Philips Norelco Replacement Heads (exp. 1/31/2010)
$1/1 Poise Product (exp. 1/31/2010)
$1/1 Rimmel London's Eye Shadow or Eye Liner (exp. 12/31/2009)
$2/1 Rimmel London's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (exp. 12/31/2009)
$2/1 Rimmel London wyb All You January Issue (exp. 1/22/2010)
$1/4 Ro*Tel Diced Tomatoes, 10 oz or larger (exp. 2/7/2010)
BOGO any Sally Hansen La Cross Beauty Tool (up to $7 value) (exp. 12/31/2009)
$.55/1 any Sargento Natural Cheese, 5 oz or larger (exp. 2/28/2010)
$1/1 Smithfield Paula Deen Crunchy Glaze Spiral Ham (exp. 12/31/2009)
$1/1 Starbucks Coffee, 5 oz bag or larger (exp. 2/28/2010)
$1/1 Tazo Filterbag Tea or Tea Latte Concentrate (exp. 1/31/2010)
$3/2 The Fragrance Collection by Glade (exp. 1/31/2010)
$1/2 Trident Layers Gum (exp. 2/13/2010)
$1/1 True North 100% Natural Nut Snacks, any flavor/variety, 4.5-7 oz (exp. 1/15/2010)
$1/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener (exp. 2/28/2010)
$1/1 pkg Vanity Fair Plates or Bowls (exp. 1/31/2010)
$0.50/1 Vaseline Clinical Therapy Body Lotion, 6.8 oz (exp. 2/28/2010)
$2/1 Wow! Cleaning System for Wood and Laminate Floors (exp. 4/13/2010)

(Thanks so much, CouponSavingGame!)


Michelle said...

I hope this is okay to post, I apologize if it's not.

You can also order "All You" through for $15.00 for one year or $20.00 for 2 years. I think there might also a be a $2.50 handling charge.

QSP is a school/organizational fundraiser company. My son's school does the QSP fundraiser every year, and so does my daughter's Girl Scout troop.

I think you have to benefit an organization to order through If you can't find your local school in the organization search, you can always use "North Rockford Middle School" in Michigan. :)

Michelle said...

P.S. There were no ulterior motives there, just posting it because it's cheaper than Amazon and we're all about saving money here!

Anonymous said...

P.S. not a problem we all love to know how we can save even more on this site. !!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS TO COLLIN A BUNCH FOR ALL YOU DO. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.!!!!!!!!!!

Stevie said...

Michelle- I found the same website you are talking about by searching yesterday. I already subscribe but will be ordering 2 yrs for my MIL for xmas.

Kristin said...

If anyone is interested I have a deal going on my blog right now where you can get 24 issues of All You for only $20, which averages out to about $.83 per issue (if my math is halfway right).

I haven't gotten my issue in the mail yet, and I was hoping it would have come by now. Thanks for the preview, I'll have to keep my eye out for mine.

mommyluvs2save said...

I love All You! They always have such great coupons. I will try out the $20 link. I have a newer subscription though. I wonder if it will extend my current subscription. Anybody Know?

#1 Saver said...

Kristin - I see that you have more than one blog, can you provide a link to the one with the All You deal.


Betsy said...

I just got mine in the mail on Saturday, it has all those great coupons! I bought a subscription with an earlier Amazon deal Collin posted. Thanks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Does every issue of All You contain coupons?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17, yes, every issue has coupons in it. Usually, they are high value and/or 1 item coupons. Great mag to read as well w/great beauty & fashion tips!!

burbmomo3 said...

I also place my order through QSP. I did notice that it said 4 to 6 weeks. Anyone know if this is an accurate time frame?
With all those great coupons, I may go get my first copy at Walmart!
40% of your order on QSP will go towards a school. So if you don't have a child in school choose the school closest to you and you can help them out.

fishinglady said...

wanted to let you know I went to target to get my canned veggies and also found they have reduced the frozen steamed birds eye steamed corn, rice and broccoli for 1 dollar and I had 50cent off coupons which I got them for 50 cent a bag..

fishinglady said...

I love all just for the coupons.....

Stevie said...

burbmom- When I ordered my magazine it was through Deal Seeking Mom and it took between 6-8 weeks to recieve. So you should buy your first copy at the store if you cant wait :)

Anonymous said...

You would think I would have learned to read the comments first by now...dang it!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I just ordered my subscription through, and used the promo code of sep10. The total order was $19.80 for two years. I cannot wait to get it...but may pick up a copy now to get those coupons!

Anonymous said...

QSP orders do take awhile to process, so I would not expect to get the December issue.

eabates said...

My son's school is selling the same All You Magazine subscription for $20 for 2 years also. His school is Sequim Middle School (WA. State). This is through the same website. 40% goes directly to the school.

Kristin said...

I forgot to mention that the link on my blog does benefit the 2nd grade of my local elementary school where my mom works. They've been cut due to proration and aren't receiving any classroom money for supplies so this is to help with that. They really appreciate the orders placed; it goes to a great cause.

Jennifer Watkins said...

Do you know how long the deal at QSP is? I am tight on cash but probably can order at the end of next week. I have Dec and Jan coming to me for a free trial. So this is perfect and I love supporting the schools. Thanks!

LizC said...

Can you get more than one subscription of this magazine delivered at a time?

Anonymous said...

At the end of August, I ordered the 2 free trials through a link, either on this site or another one. I got a billing from All You before any issue showed up. I figured I'd pay it once I got my first 2 free issues. A few weeks went by, then I got a second bill and still no free issues. I called their CSR and he told me that I wasn't obligated to pay it until I got my 2 free issues. He said my first one would arrrive at the end of October. It finally did and I just got my second one this week and the coupons are a pretty good bonus, but I also like the magazine itself. I just wish the coupons weren't printed on the back of articles though. I think they could do a little better on that aspect of the magazine.

Couponing4myTacoma said...

Anon - me too! i didn't like that they could get me a bill so fast but not my free issues! :) SO i bought two copies at walmart until the subscription showed up. I would ahve lost out on three months! Mine took 8-10 weeks to show up - seriously. I counted. LOL

Anonymous said...

All You also has some good recipes in it too.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's school just started their annual QSP promotion too so I'll be getting it there! Thanks for the info...not sure I would have looked for this one on their list of mags!

eabates said...

Jennifer, I contacted my son's middle school (Sequim Middle School, Sequim, WA.) and they told me that as long as he is currently a student, you can order magazines on the website and give his school 40% of your purchase through the end of the school year. Hopefully next year when my son is in 8th grade, they will have the same deal. You can mark on your order if it is a renewal or new magazine subscription. Hope that helps!