Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amazon: Lots of LEGO Deals + FREE Shipping!

As I've said before, my son is a huge LEGO fanatic, so I was excited to come across more great deals on Amazon! All these LEGO toys below are discounted. Plus, you can score FREE Super Saver Shipping on $25 or more... or FREE 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime!

Lego Deal Highlights:

LEGO Island 2
Was $19.99, now ONLY $7.26!

LEGO Space Police Squidman's Escape (5969)
Was $9.99, now ONLY $5.97!

LEGO Racers Ice Rally
Was $22.98, now ONLY $11.88!

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces
Was $29.99, now ONLY $19.97!

LEGO Power Miners Stone Chopper
Was $9.99, now ONLY $6.98!

And now to make you laugh, check out this deal:
LEGO DUPLO Build and Play Bucket 5572
What a huge discount, right?;)

**Also, remember that most of these items above qualify for the FREE subscription to Parenting Early Years or Parenting School Years (a $9.97 value) with any $25 or more participating toy purchase... BUT if you don't want the subscription, you can get a $9.97 rebate! You'll receive an email within 8 days after purchasing your items with full offer and refund details! You can check out more details on this promotion here .

**As with all Amazon deals, they may go back up in price quite quickly! If you want to jump on any of the deals above, I would recommend doing so soon!

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Anonymous said...


Valerie said...

BAHAHAHAH 1,595!! WOW those are some AWESOME Legos!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I see ridiculously high prices like that all the time on Amazon...how weird.

Anonymous said...

Read one of the reviews for the LEGO on Amazon
"The ad said this was worth $1595.00 and made you think it was a large set. When I received this it had 100 pieces and found the same set at walmart for $39.99. Sent it back the next day. This seller should not be allowed to mislead people.LEGO DUPLO Build and Play Bucket 5572 don't buy."

Mom of 3 said...

those Legos must be made of gold! :)

Anonymous said...

Are they gold plated????? HAHAHAHAH

Leigh Ann said...

Man, I hope those Legos are plated in gold or studded with diamonds for that kind of price! Maybe we should order some just in case...it might be the deal of the year!!

MILISSA said...

I bought toys before from Amazon and never received my magazine refund offer by email. It should have qualified and it has been about 13 days. Help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh! Amazon gets some crazy people pricing stuff. I looked up on the drop and roar dinosaur to get a price idea to sell my on craigslist and I found one for $400! I sold mine for $20 with a smile.

Susan and Lee said...

how funny! Those legos must put themselves together

Andrea said...

It's a standard form/instruction set. You go to:
and print that form along with your order confirmation and mail it in. HTH!

Angela said...

Andrea ~ Thanks for the link! Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the $1500 lego set. And I can't believe the one person who bought the set actually thought she was getting huge set worth that much $$?! If she had read the product description, it says right there "100 pieces". Oh my.

Mandy said...

Is there a limit on how many rebates you can get per household instead of the magazine subscription?

Anonymous said...

It says limit one subscription, but doesn't mention a limit on the rebate. I guess we should assume it's the same limit?!?

Anonymous said...

LOL are they gold legos?

Anonymous said...

most of these lego deals are the same price at walmart.com, and you can ship site to store for free shipping.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're made of gold. Check the product description.

Anonymous said...

The chopper set and other small legos are at target for $5.98 regular price.