Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hood Dairy Coupons: Eggnog + Milk & More!

Hood has some great dairy coupons available on their site! You can go here to print $4.50 worth of savings! I'm especially excited about the Eggnog coupon.... I LOVE that stuff!

Coupons Available:
$1 off Cream Products (16 oz)
$0.50 off Cottage Cheese
$0.50 off Sour Cream
$0.50 off Country Creamer
$0.50 off Chocolate Milk
$1 off Premium Ice-Cream 1.5qt
$0.50 off Eggnog

**The coupons don't expire until 1/02/2010, so you'll have plenty of time to make use of them. Also, hit your browser back button to print an additional coupon for each one above!

(Thanks, MojoSavings!)


Anonymous said...

where do they sell this name brand in NC?

Anonymous said...

I'm in Texas and haven't seen this brand before.

Mary Beth said...

I don't know about the rest of the country, but we have it here in NY & New England.

Tried "back" button a 3rd time (and then a 4th) and got two additional coupons each for the sour cream & cottage cheese. I stopped after that, so it may print out more.

Off topic -- but Collin, I am SO jazzed!! Got shipping confirmation on the NASCAR Fisher Price toy I bought yesterday for our grandson. THANK YOU again for the info -- we wouldn't have been able to get it for him otherwise!!

danielle said...

love Hood products...they sell the eggnog at publix in South Florida..happiness!

amiraq said...

i love eggnog but i dont think any retailers around here (strongsville, ohio) carry this brand!!

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth I'm in western NY and have never seen this brand. We love eggnog here and this would have been great.


Anonymous said...

I live just south of you and I have not seen this brand either. Oh well.

Mary Beth said...

Jolene - Hi! I'm in the Capital District around Albany . . . that's too bad, I thought Hood was all through the state.

Amanda P said...

We got hood here in Boston area. This ice cream is one of my favorites and I hardly ever see coupons for it. I am SO excited! Thanks Hip!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Brunswick, OH, Hello....fellow ohioans.. None here either.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Eggnog... I have NEVER tried it before! Is there any particular brand or flavor that you ladies can recommend? =) (Is eggnog something worth buying?)