Friday, November 27, 2009

Lots of New Target Toy & Electronic Coupons!

Target just released lots of new toy and electronic coupons! Go here to print them all. They are located under the Toys and electronics category on the left hand side and expire on 12/24/09!

New Target Coupons:
$5 off Blu-ray disc purchase of $5 or more (Transformers was pictured)
$50 off 46 inch or larger TV purchase
Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop $5
Barbie Rockstar Guitar $5
Battle of the Sexes or Face or Crap $3
Bluetooth Headset save 15% off your purchase
ChixOs Fashion Runway Play Set $3 off
Disney's Cars Drift and Jump Track Set $5
Disney's Cars Piston Cup Starter Set save $4
FREE Sony HDMI cable with purchase of Sony Blu-ray player
Fisher Price Trio King's Castle $10
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed game $3 off
Handy Manny's Fix-It Right Motorcycle $10
Hp Photo Paper save 50%
Ipod get 10% off
Kodak Camera or Digital photo frame $5 off
Leapfrog My Pal Scout or Violet $5
Microsoft computer accessory 15% off (xcludes video games)
Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller FREE with purchase of Wii game system
Olympus FE4000 camera $10 off
PS3 Blu-ray remote FREE with purchase of PS3 hardware
Paperoni Variety Kit $3
Playskool Tonka Radio-Control Bounce Back Racer $5
Purchase 20 photofinishing greeting cards and get 5 free
Sequence Game Numbers or Sequence or States and Capitals save $2
Sony Bravia home theater system 10% off
Sony e-Book $25 prepaid card with purchase of Sony PRS300SC Pocket Reader or Sony PRS600BC Touch Reader
TomTom GPS system 10% off
VTech Kidizoom camera Model# 80-106900 $10 off
Woof Street Boutique Accessory Set free with the urchase of a Woof Street Boutique Dog
Xbox 360 1600 points card FREE with purchase of Xbox hardware

**These coupons should easily make for some sweet deals! Let us know if you come across any great deals and I'll try to post some deal scenarios soon!

(Thanks so much, CouponingToDisney!)

For more Target Deals and Target Coupons visit the new


Mary said...

Darnit, I just bought Goodfellas on Blue ray for 8.99 there today! It could have been 3.99!

mrs. b said...

awesome thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I think you can take the coupon and your receipt and go back to Target and get the $5 back. I just did that yesterday with diapers...I had forgotten to hand over the coupon when I purchased them so I got reimbursed for the coupon when I went back in.

Anonymous said...

Great way to combine the Santa Buddgies $10 coupon with the Target sale and the Butterball rebate!

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 1:33pm:

Hmmm I purchased the Santa Buddies DVD/blu ray set at Target on Tues 11/24 and used the $10 off coupon. I wonder if I can return it and re-buy it using this $5 off any blu ray coupon in addition to the $10 off Santa Buddies coupon??? Any thoughts?

Melissa said...

Did they pull the bluray coupon? I can't find it!

Heather from jville said...

my pal scout is the coolest toy! my son has it i got it for his first birthday if you have a little one i recommend it its fun :)

Anonymous said...

Melissa...I just printed it a few mins. ago. It was listed under "movies". I thought it would be listed under "electronics" but nope it was under "movies".

Melissa said...

whoops! I feel pretty dumb! Thanks anon!

Lynne said...

Collin! Thanks for all the Black Friday info! Do you ever sleep???

Chrissy Lara said...

i had gotten a book catalog in the mail just today when i got home from all my shopping that had some of these in it. i got two books actually. one in the name of the ppl who lived here 8 years ago lol

Anonymous said...

Hi!Collin, did u find any good deal for urself?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming these are all target coupons? not never know with target these days.

mistisdesk said...

I'm so disappointed about the new target coupon system - no matter what I do I cant get them to print :(

Anonymous said...

Anyone having problems downloading the coupon activator for Target?

Laureney said...

Target is sooo annoying me!! The majority of the ones i print are manufacturer's and they're not even that great. They're only letting me print them ONCE.

mommyluvs2save said...

I didn't even make it to Target today. Hopefully these Qs will save me as much as the last ones did.

Anonymous said...

FYI, in the Dec. Family fun mag there is a $5 off any Leapster game and target has them on sale for their 2 day sale for $15. Making one just $10 normally 24.99! Scored one today!

Kandi said...

I can't get them to print yet either. VERY frustrating.

Janette said...

For those of you with more than one $5 leapster coupon, Kmart has their Saturday sale tomorrow and their Leapster games are BOGO! Most of their games are about $24.99 so it would be $24.99-$10.00 (2 $5 coupons)=$14.99 for 2 leapster games ($7.50 each) :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get the Target book that I believe features these very coupons? It sure does seem like the same ones...I just got this booklet in the mail about two days ago and on the back it has a peel-off gift card in that if you spend $150 you get $15 off. So, that could be good if you need to do a lot of your shopping at Target. I keep waiting on a deal on the Wii b/c we do not yet have one, prob. the only household that doesn't, lol. Anyway, if anyone knows of any, pass it my way, thanks!

Brighteyes 58 said...

I tried to use the $5 off Blue Ray coupon today on Santa Buddies and was turned down because they said it was just for Transformers. There was a long line so I didn't argue.

Anonymous said...

Heads up from a target employee, a coupon can only be added to a reciept from that day only.(ie today you purchase something, if you forgot the coupon it can only be added today to that trasaction. Other wise the item has to be returned and repurchased to use the coupon.) So to anonymous how bought something used a coupon then another day recieved an additional coupon it would not work. For if the item is returned you no longer can use the first coupon applied to the day the item was originally used. Does that make any sense? Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I just scored Santa Buddies for $6 w/tax! Woo hoo, every Target by me was out of stock except one and I got one of the last ones! Now my movie will be free after the Butterball mail in rebate! My kids will LOVE this movie!

Heather Hughes said...

Anon 8:53-
We don't have a Wii either! I want one so bad! I'm waiting on an awesome deal to score one as well.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but does anyone know if the Barbie 3 musketeers DOll coupon is still good at Target- I think it was $5/1?

Also, I pulled the Barbie pink ticket off the 3 musketeers DVD I bought, but I can't find the code inside which I am supposed to enter online?? Do I actually need to unwrap and open up the DVD in order to retrieve the code???


Anonymous said...

I got the Target book with the card on the back, but no coupons. I also cannot get the coupons to print.

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