Sunday, November 15, 2009

Target Deals 11/15-11/21 + Price Matching Deals!

Numerous readers are having issues with being able to stack a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon together on one item. Well, the good news is that Target's coupon policy clearly states that you can use both coupons together on one item. Their policy also states that if the value of the coupon is higher then the value of the item, then they can adjust the coupon down. Plus, their coupon policy in now available to view online here! Yay! Print it off and keep it with you every time you shop at Target. You also may want to read more about the coupon issues people have been encountering and what can be done about it here.

Another policy that you'll want to bring along with you is the Target Price Matching Policy! This policy states that you can use a manufacturer and/or Target coupon on an item that is being price matched. It also states the price matching exclusions--which you'll want to be aware of.

**Also, Target is now giving a $0.05 credit for each reusable bag you use when checking out! I'm excited about this. It's just another great way we'll be able to save at Target. I would call ahead to make sure your local Target is participating.

**If you're new to Target shopping, the make sure to check out my "Follow Me Monday" Target Shopping Video!

Price Matching Deals


Nestle Ice Mountain water, 24-pk.--price match Kmart ad $3.99
Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $2.99!

Chex Mix--price match Walgreens ad 2/$3
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from here
Plus, use the $0.50/1 Target coupon (exp 11/17)
Final cost $0.50 per bag!

Kellogg's Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes--price match Walgreens ad $1.99
Use the $1.50/3 coupon from here
Plus, use 3 $1/1 Target coupons (exp 11/17)
Final cost $0.49 per box!

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies--price match CVS ad $2.50
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/27SS
Plus, use the $0.75/1 Target coupon
Final cost $1!

LeapFrog My Pal Scout--price match Toys R Us ad $14.99
Use the $5/1 Target coupon
Final cost $9.99!

Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll--price match Toys R Us or Kmart ad $24.99
Use the $8/1 Target coupon
Final cost $16.99!

Leap Frog Tag system--price match Kmart ad $36.99 or Kohl's ad $34.99
Use the $10/1 coupon from here
Plus, use the $10 Target coupon
Final cost as low as $14.99!

Magic Reveal Chef's Oven $24.99--Price match with the Toys R Us ad $19.99
Use the $10/1 Target coupon from here
Final cost $9.99!
(Thanks, Christina!)

Barbie and The Three Musketeers DVD $9.99 with Toys R Us Price Match
Use the $5/1Target coupon
Final cost $4.99!
...BUT the deal gets even sweeter! I've had a few readers email about finding peelie coupons on these Barbie DVDs. These are manufacturer coupons and are valid for $5 off the Barbie and The Three Musketeers DVD and another Barbie title (it then lists the titles). Well, Barbie: A Christmas Carol is included in the list and that movie is also pictured in the Toys R Us ad for $9.99.

Deal Scenario:
Barbie and The Three Musketeers DVD $9.99 with Toys R Us Price Match
Barbie: A Christmas Carol DVD $9.99 with Toys R Us Price Match
Use the $5/1Target coupon
Plus, use the $5/2 peelie manufacturer coupon
Final cost $9.98 for both!

(Thanks, Christina & CrazyClippers!)

I also heard from another reader about a way to sweeten this deal even further! The Barbie DVDs (and other select Barbie products) actually come with a code you can enter at After entering your code, you'll be brought to a window where you can print off a coupon for $5/1 Mattel Barbie Toy (Minimum pre-tax purchase price of $14.99). This is a great coupon to have on hand... especially since you'll be able to combine it with the $5/1 Target Barbie coupons to save even more! (Thanks, Michelle!)

New Deals


Free $15 Target Gift Card with any 10 to 24 lb fresh or frozen whole turkey (Butterball (.88 per lb), Market Pantry (.68 per lb), Archer Farms (.88 per lb)) and Rival 18 qt roaster oven priced at $27

Deal Scenario:
Buy 1 10 lb Butterball Turkey $0.88 per lb= $8.80
Buy 1 Rival 18 qt Roaster Oven $27
Use the $2/1 Butterball Turkey coupon from here
Pay $33.80
BUT then get back a $15 Target gift card
Final cost $18.80 for a 10lb Turkey & Roaster Oven!

(Thanks, Kay!)

Purchase 2 Chinet Plates 32-72 ct $4.74 each=$5 Target gift card
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 packages of Plates for $9.48 total
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from here: IE or Firefox
Pay $7.48
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost $1.24 each!

Del Monte canned veggies $0.45
Use the $1/8 coupon from the 11/15RP
Final cost $0.33 each!
**Great stock up price!

Carnation evaporated milk 12 oz $0.99
Use the $0.50/2 coupon from the 9/27SS, 11/1RP or from here
(Login or register to access the coupon)
Final cost $0.74 each!

Reddi Wip 7 oz can $1.89
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost $1.39!

Kraft Cheese 7-8 oz $1.67
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 11/15RP
Final cost $1.17 each!

5 lb Gold medal All Purpose Flour $2
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from here
Final cost $1.50!

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer $1.50
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 10/4SS or from here
Final cost $1!

Ore-Ida Steam N' Mash potatoes $3
Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $2!

Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup $0.49
Use the $0.30/4 coupon from the 10/11 or 9/20SS
Final cost $0.42 per can!

Swanson Chicken broth $0.49
Use the $0.35/4 coupon from the 11/8SS
Final cost $0.40 each!

Betty Crocker Potatoes (selected varieties) $0.79
Use the $0.40/1 coupon from here
Or the $0.35/1 coupon from the 11/15 General Mills insert
Final cost as low as $0.39!

Heinz gravy $0.79
Use the $1/3 coupon from here
Final cost $0.47 each!

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.19
Use the $1/3 coupon from the 11/15RP
Final cost $0.87 each!

Breyers Ice Cream $2.50
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 10/18RP
Final cost $1.75!

Kellogg's Rice Krispies 12 oz $2.75

Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Plus, use the $0.75/1 coupon from here
Final cost $1!

Reynold Wrap $2.50
Use the $1.25/1 coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost $1.25!

Febreze Air effects $2.50
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/1PG
Final cost $1.50!

Hasbro Games: Clue: Secret and Spies Game, Pictureka Flipper, Guesstures, Guess Who $20
Use the $5/1 Target coupon
Use the $5/1 manufacturer coupon from here
Final cost $10!

SpongeBob Connect 4, Operation or Sorry $15
Use the $5/1 Target coupon
Final cost $10!

FurReal Lulu My Cuddlin' Kitty $39.99
Use the $10 Target coupon
Final cost $29.99!

My Little Pony Jumbo Playset $29.99
Use $5 off 20 coupon from here
Final cost $24.99!

Old Deals Still Available

Buy 5 Glade holiday candle products (candles, warmers + more) $2.50 each and get back a $5 Target gift card. You can also buy up to 10 Glade items in the same transaction and get up to two $5 Target gift cards!
This promotion is running through 12/26!

Deal Scenarios:
Buy 5 Glade Scented Oil Candle Christmas Tins $2.50 each=$12.50
Buy 5 Glade 3 pack Scented oil candle refills $2.50 each=$12.50
Use 5 $1.50/1 coupons found inside the tins
Plus, use 5 buy oil candle holders, get the refill pack FREE coupons from here or from the 11/1SS or there are also blinkie coupons found at Kmart and various other stores.
Pay $5
Get back a $10 Target gift card
Final cost FREE + a $5 moneymaker!

AND then you can submit for the $5 SC Johnson rebate for every 3 Glade products purchased! Doing the rebate will turn this into a really great moneymaker!

Select Apples $1 per pound--buy 2 lbs

Use the $1 off 2 lbs or more Target coupon (exp 11/17)
Final cost $0.50 per pound!
(Thanks, MoneySavingMom!)

Acher Farms Deli Cheese
Use the $1.50 off 2 lbs or more of ANY brand of cheese coupon
(coupon only available for select states)
Plus, use the Target $1.50 off any lb or more of Archer Farms Cheese coupon
Final cost $3 off 2 lbs of deli cheese!
(Thanks, Mommy'sWishlist!)

Kraft Marshmallows $1.02
Use the $1/2 coupon from here (exp 11/17)
Final cost $0.52!
(Thanks, CouponingToDisney!)

Select Archer Farms Bakery items $1 or more
(muffins, cookies & more)
Use the $1/1 Bakery coupon from here (exp 11/17)
Final cost as low as FREE!
(Thanks, CouponingToDisney!)

Duncan Hines Cake Mix $0.97
Use the $0.55/2 coupon from the 10/11SS
Plus, use 2 $0.50/1 Target coupons (exp 11/17)
Final cost $0.20 per box!
(Thanks, CouponingToDisney!)

Wonka Gummies $1.39
Use the $1/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $0.39!
(Thanks, CouponingToDisney!)

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest on a price cut for $1
Use the $1/2 coupon from here
Final cost $0.50 each!
(Thanks, Nicole & Suzy!)

Lea Perrins Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce $2.44
Use the $2/1 coupon from the 9/27RP
Final cost $0.44!
**This is only $0.22 at Walmart!

Ocean Spray Cocktail drinks $1.98 price cut (through 11/30)
Use the $1/1 Target coupon (exp. 11/17)
Final cost $0.98!

Quaker Oatmeal individual Cups $1
Use the $1.25/2 coupon from the 8/30RP
(NO size specified)
Final cost $0.38 each!

Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers (2 oz)
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 9/13RP
Plus, use the buy one get one free Target coupon
Final cost 2 Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers for FREE!
(Thanks, Denise!)

Chef Michael's Dog Food on a Price Cut-- $4.26
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 10/11SS
Plus, use the $1/1 Target coupon from the 8/30SS (regional coupon)
Final cost $0.26!

Up & Up flushable toddler wipes (48 ct) refill pack $0.97
Use the new $1/1 Target coupon--NO Beeps!:)
(will auto adjust to $0.97)
Final cost FREE!
(Thanks, Jen!)

Up & Up Baby Wipes Tub (72 ct) $1.57
Use the new $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $0.57!

Johnson & Johnson Soap Buddies Bars $0.97
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/13 or 11/8RP(regional coupon)
Final cost FREE!

Buy 2 Nivea Lip Care products $2.49 each
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 11/1RP
Plus, use two $1/1 Target coupons from the 10/11RP (regional coupon)
Final cost ONLY $0.25 each!
(Thanks, Frugal in Houston!)

Reach floss (select varieties) $1.12
Use the $1 coupons from the 3/15 or 6/14 or 8/2SS or the 10/18RP
Final cost $0.12!

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (travel size) $1.07
Use the $3/2 coupon from the 8/16SS
Final cost 2 for FREE + possible overage!

Pantene Pro V travel size $0.97
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 10/11PG
Final cost $0.47!
(Thanks, Lynne!)

Dove Deodorant (travel size) $0.97
Use the $1/1 or $1.50/2 coupon from the 10/4RP
(coupon value depends on your region)
Final cost as low as FREE!

Rolaids 3 pack $1.57
Use the $4/2 coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost 2 for FREE + possible overage!

Renu Contact solution (trial size) $1.49
Use the $2 coupon from here
Final cost as low as FREE + overage!
(Thanks, Deb!)

All small & mighty 2-load trial size bottle $1
Use the $1 coupon from here
Final cost FREE!
(Thanks, Jennifer & Lynne!)

Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Starter Kit $5.99
(may not be marked this low-PRICE CHECK!)
Use the $4/1 coupon from here
(click on the "save over $11" banner image in the lower left hand box)
Final cost $1.99!
(Thanks, Jessica!)

Hefty One Zip Freezer & Storage Bags (17 ct) on Price cut for $1
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/1RP
Final cost FREE!
(Thanks, Tawanda!)

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries (2 pks) $1
(Found in the $1 spot in the front of the store)
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 10/18 or 11/8SS (regional coupon)
Final cost FREE!

Fisher Price Little People Discovery Airport $39.99
Use the $20/1 Target coupon
Final cost $19.99!

Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds Toy (Christmas version) $5.99
Use the $5/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.99!
(Thanks, Anu!)

PlaySkool Step Start Walk'N Ride on a price cut for $17.79
Use the $5/1 coupon from here
Final cost $12.79!
(Thanks, GiveMeNeither!)

Ben 10 Alien Force Creations Challenge $22.99
Use the $5/1 Target coupon
Plus, use the $2.50/1 manufacturer coupon from here
Final cost $15.49!
(Thanks, SpendLessAndSaveMore!)

**Click here and scroll down to check out all the Target printable coupons available!

For more Target Deals and Target Coupons visit the new


cjs said...

SO wishing there was a SuperTarget near us!

Anu said...

I posted this somewhere else on your site comments, but it the kohl's ad, the leap frog reading system is priced at 34.99, price match that at target to get the system for 14.99.

mommyluvs2save said...

Our Target just converted to a small SuperTarget yay!!

Anonymous said...

The only Febreeze thats 5.99 at our Target is the candle, not the luminary kit

Unknown said...

Some of the Ocean Spray bottles at my Target had the $1 off peelies on them like Walgreens last week. Pair that with the Target coupon and you get FREE juice!

Lisa said...

There's a tear pad for Chinette: FREE lunch plates with purchase of any CHinette purchase. It would turn this into a MM.

Andrea A. said...

I found carnation evaporated milk at walmart for .79 each. So .54 each after the .50/2. HTH I bought 6 and I am going to stock up some more for making fudge!!

Anonymous said...

Carnation Milk is also great added to your mashed potatoes. Makes the creamiest ones ever!

Anonymous said...

question, in the paper today the toys r us flyer said..."buy 1 get 1 20.00 off ALL wwi/xbox/Ps3 games (39.99 or higher)"

is that something i can price match at target?

b/c that with a 10.00 off 2 makes the new expensive 50.00 wii games come out to 35.00 each

Anonymous said...

Well I walked out of Target w/o my merchandise for the first time today. I have several Targets near by and I shop this one often. Earlier this week I did the Glade candle offer w/ no problem at this location. Today three people could not figure it out. I used the $1.50 off coupon on 5 candles and that went thru fine. But they could not figure out the refill coupons. The first cashier said it was probably because I was using too many coupons. ;) One comment was that since I was receiving the gift cards it had taken the price down to zero so I could not use the coupons. And the comments just kept coming. I nicely tried to explain that I was still having to pay for the refills so I was not getting them for free. I told them that I had done this same purchase earlier this week w/o a problem in their store. Still to no avail would they take the coupons. So I said that I would just take my coupons back and I would not purchase this large order and I would not be back to their store. It's a bad economy and there are too many stores around here in Phoenix. I left the gift cards (2) by the register and the supervisor said aren't these yours (well they weren't mine yet because they were part of the Glade deal and they weren't working w/ me on the deal), don't you want them. (Dugh! Your supervisor just said that I was getting the gift cards so therefore the refills were free so that is why they could not take my refill coupons.) I told her no, I did not want my gift cards because I would not be back to their store. (Plus, it would have really been stealing their money and I couldn't do that. But I left that part out.) And I left. She was baffled that I would not take "my" gift cards. My kids were with me and they were just laughing and making their comments to me on the way out about how some people just don't get how coupons work. I was cracking up. And also that we should have gone to a boys line and not a girls line because the boys know how to work the coupons. Too funny. Oh well, I am not upset, just empowered. I will hit another Target later this week and work the deals then. ~Wendi

Anonymous said...

There is a coupon printing out at checkout for $5 off $75 purchase, good through 12/24. I used it today to get my prepaid phone cards, and another one printed out and the cashier used it right away! So I got $10 off!

JP said...

how much did you purchase to get this catalina first though?
lookin to do two different transactions today one for the roaster/turkey (since I desperately need a roaster) and then use the $15.00 for my Thanksgiving food items

Anonymous said...

If you live near a Food City, price match the Duncan Hines cake mix-- 88 cents a box this week!

KellyG said...

I am confused. How can we use a $5 Target Hasbro coupon on Guesstures which is a Parker Brothers game? Has anyone done this in success yet? Thanks.

Tiffany @ Young and Frugal in Virginia said...

If you did the free Betty crocker sample of potatoes, there was a $0.50 coupon enclosed. Makes the potatoes down from .79 to only $0.29!!!!

mistisdesk said...

Just an FYI but the Target in Huntsville, AL general manager told me yesterday that their corporate had send NEW instructions to allow EITHER price matching or coupons but not BOTH - so you can purchase a product at their regular price and use coupons or you can price match for the competitor price. She said that it was because customers had been able to buy things for ".49 cents that were regularly ALOT more" (leapfrog alphabet pal, ya think?) anyway, I showed her the email that I printed where someone in customer service said you COULD do both together, but she still politely refused.

Jen said...

The Febreze Flameless Luminary Kit was $12.99 :( I was sad because I really want to try these... but not for that price!!

Anonymous said...

This week TRU ad says BOGO $20 of Wii there any scenario like comparing it at Target??

Anonymous said...

UGGGHH!! so frustrated with target. no wipes, no leapfrog TAG, no airwick, no ocean spray. i got cereal. it has been a WEEK of everyday me calling to see if this stuff is in. ridiculous. how can we use their coupons if they don't have the product????

Coupon-a-holic said...

Can't find the Butterball Turkey Coupon for $2/1 ---- seems to have been removed, or not in any of the multiple East Coast zip codes I !

Amber said...

I am also unable to get the butterball Q. I tried midwest zip codes and 90210.

Jennifer in TX said...

I posted before about the Glade senerio. At my Target, they told me I could only get ONE gift card per transaction, said I could have done it in two seperate transactions and gotten both gift cards, but they only let me have ONE $5 gift card.

MomDG said...

I have a $20 Target gift card I got for filling a new prescription at the pharmacy, so.... turkey + roaster - $20 gift card and - $2 Q = $13.80, plus getting back a $15 gift card. Does not take much to get me excited! :)

Anonymous said...

well this is kinda funny b/c i posted about something like this happening about a week ago...remember the ethical issue post some ppl got really hot headed over? I had a feeling things were not being used as intended and that eventually it would catch up to us...

someone else followed my post up a little more eloquently (i tend to just ramble thoughts, they took time to lay it out nice)

but basically yea..not "you" per say, but a lot of couponers are greedy greedy greedy. it's catching up, and it's going to become hard to do some of the scams we have been doing.

Jamie said...

I saw posted the price match for the Leap Frog My Puppy Pal in the Toys R Us ad. I didn't see it in the ad? Is it in the weekly ad or the big book? I looked online and thy have it for $19.99?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 Sadly, I think you are right. It most definitely IS catching up with us. That's the way it goes. The ones who make the rest of us look bad ruin it for everyone...... :(

JParris said...

I tried to do the barbie dvd deal and they would not price match it because it was in the TRU big book and it said on the bottom of the page quantities limited what does that matter? Target is so annoying now!

Couponing4myTacoma said...

JPHarris - I have to question your qualifier of "now" at the end there.

I was an avid Target lover before i became a couponer and now I really do have a bias against them. They treat us like crap and fight with us constantly!

So they've been pissing me off for months. LOL

Mandy said...

The Chinet deal is better than previously thought. I picked up two packs of the 72-ct plates and they both had coupons for a FREE pack of Chinet cups (up to $3.99) on them! They were $2.99 at my Target. So, after coupons and gift card, I got 2 pkgs of plates (144 total) and two packs of cups (50 total) for only $2.50!!

Jodi said...

Just wanted to let you know that Kashi has a great peelie on some of their granola bars and cereal, it contains two coupons. 1 for 1$ off any Kashi item and the other one is for 3$ off any 2 kashi items.

Tricia said...

There was a peelie on the Chinet plates i got too. It was for free cups. Only one or two had peelies though. I got three sets of wipes at .29 cents each, the BC potatoes for .29 cents each(had coupons for save 1$ on two, and i did the Glade deal. I got two gift cards each for 5$(one for plates, and one for the Glade). I got batteries too(needed them). After all the coupons, and what i got in gift cards, and will get back from the Glade rebate i will have only spent 8$. I am slowly catching on! Plus, i got the free cups! Oh, and the Febreze luminaries were not on sale at this Target. They scan at 14.00. I was bummed because i really want one but i think they are overpriced.

Shelly T. said...

I did the Buy 2 Nivea Lip Care products $2.49 each
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 11/1RP, but I did not have the $1.00 off coupon. I did have a coupon that said "buy 3 Nivea Lip Care products, get a Nivea Body Lotion FREE". So I used two of the BOGO free lip products coupons and got a $4.94 lotion for free!!

Belinda said...

I was at Target the other day and the showed me a coupon policy that they had and it stated only 7 day store ads could be price matched. But I read the price match policy on the Target website and it stated that catalog ads could be used but not door buster or timed sales. So I understand not price matching the leapster alphabet pal but I'm not understanding the Barbie DVD.
I tried using the coupons for the Nivea lip for buy 1 get 1 free and the Target coupons for $1 off and they told me that I could only use one of the Target coupons. I tried to explain to them why I could use both but they didn't understand and said that is not their policy. ugh

Jane said...

There's a Campbell's soup coupon for $1/4 that will make soup cheaper!

Anonymous said...

On the Glade holiday candle tin deal, where are you finding the candles? I searche dmy Target in Gilbert, AZ for a long time and couldn't find them.

Priscilla said...

I got the Leapfrog Tag for 14.99 w/ Kohls pricematch! :) yay! What a wonderful Christmas gift for my niece.

Laura Belle said...

I need to find the butterball cupon for the target deal (rival and turkey). Why can't I find it anywhere online? Anyone know where to print one off?

Anonymous said...

is the glad coupon inside the cans on all the cans? or just some thanks!

Audra Michelle said...

I am wondering, before I drag my toddler out for the day, if the Chinet gc deal is just a regional deal. It was not in my weekly ad and I have heard other bloggers mention that it is regional.

Mandy said...

The Chinet ad was on the last page of my weekly ad... not sure if it was regional.

Unknown said...

Anon 11:18 PM--I have found quite a few of the Glade Holiday tins at the Target on Power and Southern, and I also got some on Friday at the Super Target on Power and the 202. They are ALWAYS on an end-cap. Go over by where the regular candles are, and then search all of the endcaps in that vicinity! HTH!

brodsmamma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brodsmamma said...

I work at Target and worked all weekend, boy let me tell you that everyone is stocking up on the Awesome Target deals this sure to look for rain checks if they are out of stuff....thanks HIP for the deal scenarios on the Leap Frog Tag and Operation game. . . those are two of the things my son wants... and what's great is that I can also use my Target 10 % card for being an employee, I will be getting both of my items for around $25.00 and that's awesome!!!

Jen said...

Just got back from Target in Huntsville AL and got the Glade candles and refills but they told me there was no $5 target gift card offer. Is that offer regional? Should it have automatically come up? I'm just not sure how that was suppose to work. Still a great deal with the rebate but I thought I was going to get $10 in gift cards too. Can any one let me know about this? Thanks.

Tara S said...

I did the Hasbro deals on Saturday. Kmart ad had them priced at $14.99. So I got Clue, Cranium, Pictureka Flipper and Connect 4 x 4 for $5 each.

Target had them priced on ave. around $24. Price matched to Kmart ad. Less $5 Target Q and $5 mfr Q. Awesome deal. I wish I would have gone back to get these same items to donate this Christmas.

My daughter wanted Whoopsie Baby. Priced higher on the shelves but rang up at $24. (I was going to price match but they already had it in the system) Less $8 target Q. Only $16.

Anonymous said...

Can I use the gift cards the same day, for a second transaction? Grace

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the Butterball coupon from your link, but it's available at


Anonymous said...

I was at Raget today in Washington state, and the Glade tins were included in the $5 GC but not the refills. I discovered this when I price checked each of the products. Plus I also went to price match the Kellogg's cereal and unfortunately the Frosted Flakes that I was going to get were not the right size (17 oz at Target). So that deal was also a no go. Still out of stock on the wipes. I'm thinking they aren't going to stock these until after the coupon expires. What do you all think? The chinette plates on the GC deal only seem to be the specific size in the as, because I also did the price check on each of the sizes and it only listed the GC for the dinner plates.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, only two rival crockpots at my Target and they were sold out by 9 AM Sunday morning. I was sooo bummed and they don't think we'll be getting anymore in our stores anytime this week.

Such a good deal that I totally missed out on!

Anonymous said...

We have a local grocery store, Schnucks, that is advertising Chinet paper plates 2 for $4.00. I wonder if the gift card at Target would work for price matching too?

Anonymous said...

I went to Target tonite to price match the Fruit Loops with Walgreens and they pulled the price match policy and said that becasue Walgreens had a limit of 4 boxes Target was not going to price match even though I was only buying 3 boxes. Go figure??!!?? I still dont agree with them because I dont look at it that way, i think looking at it as a doorbuster type deal..Anyone else had that problem??

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:42, you should be able to get a raincheck.

Shelly T. said...

Anon 07:18:00 PM I did the Fruit Loops price match today with no problem. Sorry your Target would not let you do it.

Anonymous said...

I would liked to note in Mooresville, NC they are no longer letting ANY bakery items of less then a dollar go through. My husband and I both tried the past two days and they will not let it go through AT ALL. So I think that deal has officially ran out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mandy!
I went to Target for wipes but instead scored a great deal on the Chinette plates b/c of you. Found the peelies so I picked up 2 (32 packs) of microwavable plates, 2 bags of cups for FREE, & received a $5 target GC! I'm set for the holidays now. No one likes to do the dishes =P

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble with target not having the roaster?

Anonymous said...

I got the Barbie movie deal last night. They didn't have the Three Musketeers movie at my store (Canton, GA) but they did have them at the one in Woodstock. I also got the peelie coupons, which the guy at customer service was reluctant to use (somethng about it was supposed to be a mail-in thing?), but did it anyways. So, I got both movies for $9.98, which is $30 off of the regular combined price. My friend also got the same deal, which I told her about, and was so excited that she bought me a milkshake to celebrate, lol! So I guess I got that for free as well. ;) A heads-up: my friends and I have noticed that when we have a male cashier, they almost always do our coupons with no issue. It is only the female cashiers that give us a hard time (deal envy maybe?? lol).

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and in addition to he above comment, THANK YOU for posting this deal!! My daughter will be so excited! And the $9.99 price for these Barbie movies is in the TRU Big Book, NOT the TRU ad for this week.

Jen said...


I haven't seen this week's TRU ad, but the ad I used Sat. night to price-match the Leapfrog My Pal Violet (the Q works for that one, too) was LAST week's ad, which expired Sat. night.

"LeapFrog My Pal Scout--price match Toys R Us ad $14.99
Use the $5/1 Target coupon
Final cost $9.99!"

Anonymous said...

rainchecks are not available on the roaster ovens..
says on the front page.
tried many times to do this.
said they won't be getting any more until after saturday.
what a "convenience"

STL Mama said...

I searched my target for the potato head spud bud and couldn't find them. I was ready with 6 of the coupons. Any ideas of where to look or where others are finding them?

JParris said...

Is anyone else having a hard time with Target matching the Big book ad from TRU?

Amy said...

Are we sure the glade deal work on any of the holiday scented glade items. Last week my store had a sign that said the tins, holders and scented oil candles were in the deal and now this week the sign reads that it is for the scented oil plugins and refills...

Anonymous said...

I found my Mr. Potato heads in the Christmas section. Hope this helps :-)

Anonymous said...

Grace I have used my gift cards the same day in back to back transactions.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I live in Phoenix my Target has the Glade candles on the end caps. I almost missed them as I was walking away I found them :-)

Belinda said...


The Target Price match policy states they DO price match catalogs as long as they have a date on them. So I would print this and take it with you.

Also, I had a great experience today at Target!!! Finally!

Tracey said...

Just found your site and it's awesome!! I've read a lot of couponing, deal blogs lately and yours is the best of them all. Thanks so much for all the great info and advice!

I just read the TArget price matching policy via your link and I'm wondering if this is why people are having a hard time getting some of the really amazing deals. Their policy states that a Target coupon will be applied BEFORE the price match. So, let's take the Barbie example. If it's $14.99 at Target, but you're matching the $9.99 TRU price, Target will FIRST take off the $5 Target coupon BEFORE they match the TRU price. So the $14.99 Target price, minus their $5 coupon now makes the movie $9.99 and WHAM -- they've matched the TRU price and you are done with that coupon! :-( Or to take it a step further (and illustrate how Target might ACTUALLY match the price), let's say that they had the Barbie DVD for $19.99 (and TRU advertised for $9.99). They would first take off the $5 TArget coupon, bringing it down to $14.99, and THEN they would price match it and bring it down to $9.99. HTH