Thursday, November 12, 2009

Target: Nivea Lip Care Products ONLY $0.25!

I'm lovin' all the lip care deals that have been available lately (Neosporin, Chapstick + more)! I am always slathering my lips in the winter months. Anyway, here is yet another great lip care deal you can score at Target!

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Nivea Lip Care products $2.49 each
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 11/1RP
Plus, use two $1/1 Target coupons from the 10/11RP (regional coupon)
Final cost ONLY $0.25 each!

(Thanks, Frugal in Houston!)

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(wreckedher) said...

Ugh, we never get regional coupons. this is a bummer. who do i write to? :)

Ellen said...

This doesn't go here but I found a $1.00 coupon for Lindt - it's an ad banner & ad on the side of seriouseats

I printed out 2! Expires in 2010.

Nicci said...

i'm in the boston suburbs and we don't get regional coupons either?!

Ellen said...

I went back to check - you've got to keep refreshing the page.

Abby said...

There is also a coupon that if you buy 3 Nivea lip cares you can get a free Nivea lotion 13.5 oz. Plus use the $1.00 off Nivea lotion coupon to only add another $1.49 to this. Not bad!!

Anonymous said...

Abby, where are those coupons? Thanks!

Abby said...

The coupon for the buy 3 Nivea Lip care get a free lotion came in the same insert as I got the buy one get one free Nivea Lip Care.

I believe the $1.00 off Nivea lotion was in this past Sunday's insert. I'm so sorry I am not one of those that keeps track of where my coupons come from. I do know they came in my Sunday insert. I am not sure if it was regional I am in Washington state.

Anonymous said...

Found them!

bfam said...

Is there a way to tell the date of an insert? I don't have mine organized and I'm flipping through all of them...

Anonymous said...

30% off oldnavy coupon


Nikki said...

bfam- If you kept your inserts whole(didn't cut them up) the date is in really small print on the spine of the insert. HTH

bfam said...

Thanks, Nikki! I was hoping there was a trick like that!

Katie said...

The nivea coupons are from the 11/1 rp - i know b/c I worked the deal at Rite Aid. Got 6 lipbalms and 2 bottles of lotion for $2.50 this week. I didn't have the guts to use the other $1 coupons since the people at my local Rite Aid are VERY cranky. I'm happy with $2.50, though.

Katie said...

The nivea coupons were in in the 11/1 rp - I worked the deal at Rite Aid this week - bought 6 lip balms and 2 body lotions for $2.50. We have so much body lotion stock piled - so I'll give to our local food pantry...super happy about the lip balms - It was like buy 1 get 5 free!

Anonymous said...

We never get the Target coupons in our area either:(

Abby said...

Katie I did this deal at Rite aid with absolutely no problems with the $1.00 lotion coupon. But my cashier is the type to run through all the coupons and only look at them if they beep.

Anonymous said...

I need help with this one, not seeing how I can use the $1 off lotion if I'm using the buy 3 get lotion free?

So this is what I'm thinking:
3 lip balms
1 13.5 oz lotion
free lotion q, BOGO q, which then leaves 2 lip balms and then use 2 target qs for the lip balms. All free. So where does the $1 lotion q fit in? I could use this for overage?

Kristy said...

I did this deal a week or so ago and I found $1 off the Nivea lip balms on the lotion. The lotion was also a bonus with the Q and a small bottle of lotion as well.

I did 6 lip balms, 2 lotions and used the following Q's:

3 BOGO Lip Balms
2 B3G1 Lip Balms/Lotion
3 Regional Target Q's for Nivea
2 Free Lip Balm Peelies
2 $1Q Lotion

So I got all of the above for FREE with $2.51 Overage

Alyssa said...

Wow Kristy! That is awesome. I think I will try that next time.

Anonymous said...

I love Nivea... thanks for the tip on the other coupon. I never get the Target coupons either... and products ALWAYS cost more here in Cali, so I'm happy to have BOGO coupons.

I can never have too much lipgloss. Even my DH is an addict now too. Poor guy he's turned into a softie... love it!

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Nivea cuz I love a sample they sent me. They sent me lots of high dollar coupons and 2 samples I was thrilled.

Unknown said...

I'm in Vancouver, WA and my RP doesn't have either of those coupons! (I find this often)
I'm bummed out, I wanted some Nivea lip gloss!

Jennifer in TX said...

Just FYI, our Target has their Gillette Sensor3 disposable razors on sale for $5.99 and we used the $3 coupon in last Sunday's paper, which made it $2.99,but then got $15 in coupons from inside the package! One being $5 off a reusable razor!

Coupon Pro said...

I score 3 of these for free at Rite Aid this week :D

Anonymous said...

I had the bogo for the chapstick along with the buy 3 lip care get the free lotion and on the lotion was a peelie for buy the lotion get a lip care free. I was able to use all three and got all four products for the price of one lip care!!!!! So I paid 2.49 oop

Anonymous said...

I did the Rite Aid Deal today and it worked beautifully.

6 lip balms (2.50 each)
2 lotions (7.99 each)

Used: 2- $1/1 lotions
3- BOGO lip balms
2- B3G1 lip balms/lotions
and $5/25 Rite aid coupon

$0.36 per product (if I did the math right)!! (including tax!)

This is an amazing deal!! SO hard to believe. I also stopped by WAGS and picked up 2 Ocean Spray Cran-Pom juice and 3 Nexxus mousse all for free (just tax). Good day! How fun! I'm new at this. I appreciate the help you guys have given, (especially you, Colin!)


Anonymous said...

For person trying to figure out a way to tell what te date was for an insert...on "spine" the date and newpaper they came from is printed on there.

Belinda said...

My Target wouldn't let me use the B1G1 free and 2 $1 off target Q's. Said I couldn't take money off of something that was going to be free. I tried to explain it to them using the b1g1 free coupons on b1g1 free sales and they said that is ridiculous and they would never honor a b1g1 free coupon for a sale like that. Really? They are still getting their money from the manufacture.
Starting not to like Target.