Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three New $1/1 El Monterey Coupons!

I posted previously about the $5 El Monterey coupon for submitting a recipe. Well, that deal has expired, but you can go on over here and score three $1/1 coupons! Please keep in mind these are SmartSource coupons and you should be able to print 2 of each.

Coupons Available:
$1 off El Monterey Burritos
$1 off El Monterey Taquitos
$1 off Tornados

**The Tornados often go on sale for around $1.99, so possibly ONLY $0.99 after the coupon!

(Thanks, Jessica!)


Anonymous said...

I thought these were around $4.99?

Hip2Save said...

Sorry about that--you're correct. I meant to say that the Tornados go on sale for $1.99, not the other items. I just updated the post with the correct info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great deal!!! You're the best!

Anonymous said...

They have smaller boxes of these at walmart for around 1.99....these actually taste good too!

Anonymous said...

I just bought a box of the Tornados at Walmart yesterday for $2 and they had a rebate coupon on them to send for the $2 back! :)

Anonymous said...

What are tornados?

Candice said...

They had the big box on sale today at Target for $3.99. I used my $1 off coupon and later found out they rang up regular price at $5.49! Darnnit!

nancy said...


take it back to the store and have them correct the price.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:08,

They are just like the skinny ones pictured on Collins post corn tortilla with like chicken/cheese or beef rolls.. only they are bigger and the box has less. I can't remember how 4-6. My daughter loves them so they usually disappear from my freezer very fast!

They are pretty good :)