Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Market: Buy One Get One FREE Coffee--And More (Valid Today ONLY)!

If you're a coffee drinker, then I can almost guarantee you'll be very excited about this deal! Through today, 11/11 ONLY (sorry I didn't post this sooner), you can get a FREE 12 oz bag of World Market coffee with EVERY bag you buy! You can also mix and match over 25 traditional and seasonal flavors! The coffee starts in price around $5.99 to $6.99.

To sweeten this awesome promo further, you can sign up for the World Market Coffee Club! For every 6 bags you purchase, you'll receive a FREE 12 oz bag of World Market coffee! Plus, on Wednesdays--which is today--every coffee purchase counts TWICE towards your FREE 12 oz coffee. That means for every 3 Coffees purchased (today ONLY), you'll get an additional 12 oz coffee FREE!

Deal Scenario:
Buy 16 12 oz bags of coffee $5.99 each=$95.84
Minos BOGO sale--will deduct 8 coffees--$47.94
Minus B3G1 FREE sale--for the items that are NOT free
(will deduct 2 more coffees)
Final cost $35.94
That equals out to just $2.25 per 12 oz bag!

Hurry--this deal is ONLY available thru today!

(Thanks, Anna &


SuzyQpon said...

I believe there are World Market coupons floating about too. $5/$20, etc. Search the net before you go!

Coupon Pro said...

Be sure to check you mailbox ASAP... the other day i received $20 Off $50 coupon (Expires 11/25)

I would be crazy to miss out on this deal.

Bekah said...

I work at World Market and was just going to mention those coupons...but yall are quick!! There is also a great value for champagne there. It's a 1.5L for $9.97. It is really good quality, if anyone wants to stock up for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Collin, I'm having trouble following your math. They way I see it, you get 7 for the price of 3.

(3) at regular price
(3) for free
(1) bonus free for buying 3.

So, wouldn't you always buy in multiples of 7 to get the best deal? Either buy 7, 14 or 21? Perhaps I am not seeing something.

In addition to the $5 or $20 off coupon, there is also a 10% off of food coupon floating around. I was able to stack both of the coupons today for an awesome deal.

Hip2Save said...


Did you not see my "Follow Me Monday" video? At the moment I'm taking a mental math break... it could be awhile!;)

Anonymous said...

bummer! You can't order online.

Sara said...

Bummer! I was JUST there today!

Anonymous said...

Collin...don't worry I take Mental math break ALL the time. When I saw your video I had to laugh and call my sister.

I usually end up calling my sister to ask her something crazy like 'how many teaspoons in a gallon'. One time I even called to ask her what direction I was headed if the sun was in my top left corner of my windshield. LOL!!

Anonymous said...


I have called my hubby & asked that before too, before GPS that was.

Kristy said...

If I figured this out correctly, you actually want to go and buy 18 bags.

minus BOGO Sale= -53.91
minus every 3 bags you are buying gets you a free bag= -17.97

Total $35.94 ($1.99 per bag)
Plus the 10% and $5 off, brings it down to $27.35 ($1.52 per bag)

I see a lot of people getting coffee baskets for x-mas and choclate, who could ask for more!!

Angela said...

Is there any way to do this online?

Anonymous said...

this deal was so good! I bought 14 bags (8 holiday priced @ 6.99 and 6 world market mocha javas @ 5.99) and a bag of pez for my son. was just a few cents short of $50 so picked a pen @ display for $3 so I could use the 20/50 and ended up paying $33 for the 14 bags, candy and pen. to top that, it was double punch day and he gave me doubles for each bag, even the free ones! so I came home with 5 filled punch cards good for 5 bags in the future. everyone is getting coffee for christmas and the egg nog one smells heavenly!

Anonymous said...

I just got home from doing this deal. I got 14 bags and paid $32.00 w/ tax. I used the $5/20 coupon. My cashier was very helpful and excited for me but she wouldn't let me stack anymore coupons. I didn't care. I am pleased and thankful! I realized when I got to my car that I could have done 21 bags and then used the $20/50 coupon which would have made my total around the same price, but I went close to closing and I'm happy w/ my 14 bags. I am going to make some great gift baskets.

AnnesZoo said...

SO BUMMED - wish I could buy online!

Anonymous said...

This worked out great as the World Market near my home had 50% off some of their coffees. I could get 14 bags of coffee plus $2 worth of cookies and chocolate (to get me over $20 to use the $5 off coupon) for $15! I was happy I made a late night run as I only read the post at 8pm and they close at 9 pm. Thanks for posting this deal, Collin.

Kristy said...

Well, my deal didn't work out as planned. I bought 18 bags, 9 FREE. My store had a very limited selection and very few bags left. I was over the $50, so I used the $20/$50Q. Paid $36, and the cashier gave me double punch for all 18 bags, so I have 6 FREE bags to pick up on another day (NOTE TO SELF: NOT ON A WEDNESDAY!!)

After the Free 6, my cost was still @$1.60 per bag. And I thought the $3 bag of Caribou the other day was good, this tops that

~Nauga said...

Thank you so much for posting about this coffee deal. I walked out of the store with two huge bags of coffee for $30. The manager rung me up and I'm glad - she's the only one who got the "recipe" right. ;) The first checker was a little baffled.

Little bit of an odd thing, though... the coffees were pretty picked over - lots of big empty spots where coffee used to be. I asked if they had any more in the back, and the employee said, "I was told to say that all we have is out." Over her shoulder I saw another employee pulling out a personal stash and grinding it. Lots of bags that weren't out on the shelf. So, I guess the employees take all they want, clear the shelves, and tell us customers, "All we have is out." Bummer, but that's life, eh?

.Lindsay Esparza said...

This deal was AMAZING! I scored 7 bags of coffee for $15.01! What a deal!!