Thursday, December 17, 2009

FREE Pampers Potty Training Kit!

Snag a FREE Potty Training kit from Pampers! It actually comes with quite a few things:
  • A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers
  • High Value Coupons
  • Fun Stickers and coloring pages
  • Step-by-step Potty Training tips
  • Potty Progress Chart
  • Dora or Diego Training Trophy

**Expect delivery of your kit within 4-6 weeks!

(Thanks, Gina!)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I got one of these about 1 year ago when my daughter was potty training but it arrived after my daughter completed potty training. but she still loved the stickers it came with :)

Anonymous said...

I logged into my Pampers Gifts to Grow today and was bummed to see they had raised the points for their gifts!!! Even if they credited everyone a 1000pts cuz of it! There's no way anyone can get enough pts now unless they have several people donating their pts to them!!

The Cordell Family said...

Thank you I got this for my sister to use with my nephew!

Anonymous said...

I put my info in and it told me I didn't qualify. :-( I even have a daughter who is 2 yrs old so how does that not qualify for a free potty training kit. Bummer.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 5:10, on the form you are supposed to put your birthdate (must be 18 or older) did you by accident put your daughters birthdate?

Virginia said...

Woohoo, I could use this! Thanks!

Eliza said...

Thanks! Its almost time to train my little girl. I'm nervous after my experience with my boy. So I hope these tips will help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My son has been horrible trying to potty train. We've been off it for awhile maybe this will help?

dana said...

Lots of good deals on hip2save?--- good deal

Help with potty training? PRICELESS!