Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New High Value $2/1 Maalox & Gas-X Coupons + Walgreens Deal Scenario! just released a high value $2/1 Gas-X product coupon and $2/1 Maalox Product coupon! These coupons should easily make for some sweet deals when combined with in-store promotions at stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid! In fact, Walgreens currently has a Register Reward deal running on Gas-X and Maalox products!

Walgreens Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Gas-X Products $5 each=$15
Buy 3 Maalox Products $5 each=$15

Use 3 $2/1 Gas-X coupons from here
Use 3 $2/1 Maalox coupons from here
(you will need 2 computers to access 3 of each coupon)

Pay $18
Get back a $5RR for spending more than $25 (before coupons)
And get back a $10RR for purchasing $30 worth of Gas-X & Maalox

Final cost ONLY $3--that equals out to just $0.50 per item!

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Anonymous said...

how lons the deal running and I did not see it in the ads??? please help.... thanks

Anonymous said...

the 10 dollar register reward for buying gas x, maalox, and others goes until saturday i think . but the 5 dollar on a 25 dollar purchase only goes thru thursday. better hop on this today!!

Miss Coupon Diva said...

FYI there are some High value coupons for MiraLAX too! It's a $4 coupon for a 30 dose bottle or a $2 coupon for a 10-14 dose bottle.


Anonymous said...

I tried a deal scenario last night and discovered that if you use the $5 on $25 register reward from last weeks promotion to pay when your purchase this week is over $25 you will not get a new $5 RR. I was very unhappy about that especially since the checker convinced me to put my 2nd pack of Huggies in the same order to get the $5 and then it didn't give me that and consequently I didn't get the $2 one I would have gotten for paying for the Huggies seperately either.

Anonymous said...

i would of had the cashier re-ring my order

Jenny B. said...

You can use the facebook friends and family %15 off coupon today with this too, potentially. I'm guessing since it takes off %15 off the original total of thirty it would go something like this

x.15 (hand over first i guess)
-6.00 (all malox coups)
-6.00 (all gas x coups)

but you get back a $10 rr for the medicine and a $5 Holiday rr

This would only work today though since it's the last day this week for the holiday rr.

Staying Lean said...

Mine came up with the $4 coupon too! Woo hoo!