Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walgreens 4 Day Sale 12/16-12/19!

The Mid-Week Walgreens ad is not too exciting this week. On a positive note, though, the $5 Register Reward deal is back! Spend $25 (before coupons) and get back a $5RR to be used on your next in-store purchase. Please keep in mind the $5 Register Reward promotion is limited to 2 days only---12/16 and 12/17!!

Register Reward Deals:

Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite 12 pack 3/$10=$2 RR
Final Cost $2.67 per 12 pack

Other Good Deals:

Select Toys Buy 1 at $6.99 and Get 1 Free
Final Cost $3.50 per toy!
**Buy 8 toys for a total of $27.96 and then you'll get back a $5RR for spending $25. Final cost after the Register Reward--ONLY $2.87 per toy!

Lipton Tea Bags $1.99 with in-ad coupon
Use the $.75/1 coupon from the 11/15RP
Final Cost $1.24!

Duracell Coppertop Batteries $2.49
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 11/22 SS
Final Cost $1.74!

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter $0.99
**Ask the cosmetics associates if they have any $1/1 Yes To Carrots coupons! If so, you'll score FREE Lip butter!

Ricola Cough Drops 19-24 pack $0.99 with in-ad coupon
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the Walgreens Healthy Savings Book or Holiday 2009 Diabetes and You Booklet (only good for sugar-free version)
Final Cost $0.49!

Nestle Chocolate Chips $1.79 with in-ad coupon
Use the $1/1 coupon found here (scroll down and you'll see the coupon on the left hand side)
Final Cost $0.79!

Deal Scenarios:

Scenario #1:

Buy 1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz. for $7.99
Buy 1 package of pull-ups for $8.99
Buy 1 Dulcolax Balance for $7
Buy 1 Nestle Chocolate Chips for $1.79 with in-ad coupon
(Total before coupons = $25.77)

Use the $1/1 Complete Multi-purpose solution coupon from the 10/25RP
Use the $2/1 pull-ups coupon found here.
Use the $1/1 Huggies coupon from the Children's coloring book
Use $3/1 Dulcolax coupon found here or use the $3/1 coupon from the 12/13 SS (there may also be a $3/1 coupon on the package)
Use the $1/1 Nestle morsels coupon found here.
Pay $17.77

Get back an $8RR for the Complete Multipurpose Solution
Get back a $2RR for the pull-ups
Get back a $4RR for the Dulcolax
Get back a $5RR for spending $25
Submit for the $5 Dulcolax rebate found here

Final Cost-- all the above FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Scenario #2 (chocolate heaven!):
Buy 4 Ghirardelli Squares 2/$5=$10
Buy 2 Hershey's Pot of Gold 2/$9
Buy 4 Toblerone chocolate bars on a mega-saver 2/$3=$6
(Total before coupons=$25)

Use 4 $1/1 Ghirardelli coupons found here: IE or Firefox
Use 2 $1/1 Hershey's Pot of Gold Coupons from the 12/6SS
Use 4 $1/1 Toblerone coupons from the 11/22SS
Plus, the $1/2 Toblerone Walgreens coupon from the December coupon booklet (will deduct $2 since you're purchasing 4)
Pay $13

Get back a $2RR for the Ghirardelli
Get back a $3RR for the Hershey's Pot of Gold
Get back a $5RR for spending $25

Final cost for all the above--ONLY $3!

Have questions about Walgreens?
Check out this Walgreen's Q&A post or better yet check out this Walgreens Video!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new Hip2Save.com


Anonymous said...

I am not able to get the link for Nestle to work.

NYC Single Mom said...

Great savings tips. Boy I need it.

just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Best Blog Award


Hip2Save said...


Sorry about that. I just updated the post with the correct link.

Anonymous said...

If I have a $5 RR from last week's over $25 purchase, can I use it this week and still get another $5 RR to print?

Anonymous said...

There is also a fabulous diaper deal to go with this. Buy 3 pks at 8.99 each. Use 3 1.50/1 mq's or 2.00/1 mq, depending on which you have. Use the instant value coupon of $1/1 from the Walgreens coloring book.

3 x 8.99= 26.97
less 3.00 from IVC coupon= 23.97
less 6.00 from mq's= 17.97
Pay 17.97 oop and get back $2 rr on huggies and $5 rr from spending $25.

Then, sumbit your receipts to caregivers marketplace for .75 refund each.

All told, that makes 3 pks of Huggies diapers for 8.72. For size 4's, that's under 10 cents each- a stock up price in my book!

Even with the 1.50/1 mq, its 10.22 for 3 pks.

Courtney said...

i am very disappointed in Wags 4 day sale this week.

superpaige said...

How do I know if my Walgreens is having a mid week sale? Last time I was in and looking for something on sale and they said it was a "regional sale", but not there.

Anonymous said...

I got a few Yes to carrots lip balm and I really love it! I ended up paying for some because the cashier only let me use one and the rest she had .50 cents off Qs so I got to use those.

Anonymous said...

The coupons in my monthly books are not stacking well. They have a one coupon per customer coding on them that only allows one use per receipt. the last time I tried to use them, the manager had to do it in two transactions to make it work. It also didn't stack, so he took a dollar off manually. I didn't understand the beeps until I went home and read the coupons. all said...the toblerone may not work.

Anonymous said...

OK. . . I'm really striking out on this deal regarding a $5 Register Reward after spending $25. Spent $36 prior to manufacturer coupons the other night. My coupons brought it down to $19. I purchased and followed all the guidelines on that crazy little disclaimer paragraph in the ad (i.e. no perscriptions, etc) No register reward printed so I politely asked to talk to a manager. He said it didn't print because I used mfg. coupons. I replied that there was no indication of this policy in the little non-clip ad/coupon that advertised this promotion. (I was referencing the little $5 back blurb that appeared on the front of an ad a week or so ago - which I had clipped and had with me.) I also reminded him that they were mfg. coupons and he/WAGS still was getting the full $36 once reimbursed. No budging. So. . . called WAGS customer service this morning and the chick had the same lines. I once again said it was deceptive advertising to pull me in WAGS with that ad than not give me the discount. Reminded her that any other time that they've run the promotion they have indicated before coupons or after coupons regarding the total expenditure. She wouldn't budge. I just said I would appreciate her giving this information to their marketing promotion department. UGHHHHHHHHH.

Kristin said...

Anon 8:05 - what day did you go? The $5 RR ended Saturday and doesn't start again until Wednesday. The information you got was incorrect, it will most definetely print even if your total is under $25 after coupons, I've done it several times.

Anonymous said...

Anyone still able to find the coloring book? I've tried three different walgreens and can't find it! If anyone can find one and would be willing to get me one, I will pay for it and shipping! I have two in diapers and this could really help! Thanks! bradfieldfamily at live.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valid dates info, Kristin. I went on Monday. That was my problem. Though the little non-clip coupon says something like "valid until Dec. . . some date toward the end of the month." (I'm too lazy to run down and grab it from my purse.) I get so frustrated with Target and WAGs management and corporate customer service. I'm an ethical couponer and am not over-purchasing the bargains and am not passing off incorrect coupons. . . just venting. There will come a better coupon day and I will be more up-beat! Love this site, Colin! MW

Megan said...

Anon @ 8:30~ You can have my diaper coupon from the coloring book. I have none in diapers:) Let me know if you want it. meganespinoza@aol.com

Mary said...

I got a coloring book on E-bay, cause I can't find it anywhere else. I am dissapointed in this mid-week too. But I will be doing all my shopping tomorrow and Thurs. Does anyone know why some stores have triaminic still on sale w/rr and some don't? that is so frustrating!

Mrs. B said...


I FINALLY spotted the coloring book back on the pharmacy counter. They had about 4 up there.

Carla in OR said...

I just got back from Greenwalls (as my 4 year old calls it!), and the register would not accept the Huggies Q from the coloring book because it says "$1 off regular price" and the cashier said it also says "not valid with any other offer"! Bummer! I was able to use the Oral B kids' toothbrush one, but those were not on sale (just had the $4 RR). I know I used the one for the bandaids a while back when they were on sale and it was not a problem. I wish they would just figure out something and be consistent! Also, last week I was told that the $5 would only print if my total was $25 AFTER all coupons. I wonder if they have a way of setting that up or what...seems to vary by store!

Thanks as always Collin for all your hard work on all the matchups! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't need my diaper coupons from the coloring book. I will send them through the mail, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Greenwalls?? LOL
That is sooo cute Carla!

Did any of you have trouble using the $1 off carrot lipbalm coupon?
It was only.99 and the cashier said i'd have to buy two of them to use the $1 off coupon. I asked for the manager and luckily he was gracious enough to adjust the item to $1.01 so that I could use the $1 off coupon and just have to pay the sales tax on it.

So much of a hassle for a $1 item lol.

DeMaze said...

Tip on getting RR when you use coupons. Be sure the cashier presses the "total" button prior to giving any coupons. That will trigger the 5RR to print after the transaction.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at the Walgreens ad - but I don't see a Nestle ad coupon. Help

Heidi said...

I never see Cosmetics associates when I'm in there, so I've just happily paid the $1 for the Yes to Carrots lip butters! I love them so much and it's a great price even without the coupon!

Bill said...

Another great deal they have that wasn't mentioned was the %6.99 packs of Viva Paper Towels have a $2 Walgreens coupons plus there were $2 manufacturers coupons on kmarts site. I don't have the coupon code on me, but ask at the registers. We had them printed up behind every register at my store. There are also $2 Wag coupons on Snuggies and Perfect Brownie pans!

Nichol said...

I don't see the Nestle coupon either??? Thats weird.

Anonymous said...

the nestle coupon is not there...

Anonymous said...

I mean to print

Anonymous said...

i bought huggies diapers last night and the girl took my the walgreens coupon from the coloring book saying that it was a man q and she has to account for all coupons used at the end of the night. i have NEVER had anyone take my walgreens coupons. i wanted to be able to use it again.
also, it took me FOREVER and no help from people in the store to find the coloring book to begin with.

Kristine said...

I was unsuccessful at Wags last week with the $5 RR on $25 because store manager said I had to SPEND $25, meaning after all coupons. I argued the fact that Wags gets reimbursed by the manuf. coupons, but they didn't budge. But I am going to try a new Wags today or tomorrow to see if it works there. I will report back if I am successful. (Fort Worth, TX)

jeni said...

I was just at Wags for the $5/$25 deal. I have a very coupon unfriendly store (only 1 nice cashier!) but I don't hand over any coupons until they have given me a total. Then I hand over the coupons (have them give me another total) and then hand over the RR and then cash or swipe my debit card. When I do this, I don't usually have any issues with them. Today I did this and my original total was over $25 and after coupons $19 and I still got the $5 RR to print. Hope this helps others!

Anonymous said...


I did that deal yesterday at a GA Walgreen! Woohoo $3 for a 6 pack of Viva!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any luck finding the nestle walgreens in-ad coupon? I was just at walgreens and looked through the flyer from Sunday, the mid-week flyer, the special "xerox" flyer, and the December coupon book and couldn't find the nestle coupon. Any help would be appreciated cause that's a good price!

Vicki H. said...

Hi Anon 6:21 -- i haven't tried it myself yet, but i'm told that the $5 from $25 spending coupons do not roll because they aren't manufacturer's coupons like other RRs are -- they are "Walgreens Dollars" with different rules. It was kindly suggested to me to roll your $5 reward into another RR deal first, esp. if you can get something free with it, and then use your new RR for your next $25 purchase to get another $5 Walgreens Dollar.


Vicki H. said...

i have a Walgreens question too :) . Can you use a $5 RR to buy an item that is $4.99 before tax?

Sara said...
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Unknown said...

I recently had a problem using a manufacturer coupon that I printed off the Target website at Walgreens. I called emailed corporate Walgreens and got a phone call back from them. The gentleman said as long as the coupon scans the policy is they will except them. It must state Manufacturer coupon AND scan. That means it has been entered in the system on a corporate level. GOOD TO KNOW!!!

Heather said...

my walgreens ad doesnot have the nestle's coupon 1.79 in it. i have the manufacturer coupon but they are not on sale at my walgreens.

so sad, i was looking forward to making cookies...

Anonymous said...

If anyone needs some of the coupons out of the children's coloring books-let me know which ones. i heard that they were hard to find a few weeks ago, so i checked at my wags and found 5 and bought them. email:
i have 3 books that i haven't even used at all.

Jenny said...

To Vicki H: i have a Walgreens question too :) . Can you use a $5 RR to buy an item that is $4.99 before tax?

I have found that it only works if the item is $5 or more before tax.

Unknown said...

i just went to walgreens and the $5 RR did not print when I used MC and RR to bring it down to below $25 after all the coupons. the managers didn't allow me to get the $5 anyway because they claim it must be $25 or more after all the coupons...

Christy said...

I also did not find the in ad nestle coupon for $1.79. Did anyone have any luck finding this in their weekend ad?