Tuesday, March 17, 2009

12 packages of Walgreens Brand Diapers for $45 shipped!

Were you able to find the new pharmacy booklet with the $2 diaper coupon inside?

If not, you can still snag a sweet deal on Walgreens brand diapers and training pants. The best part is they'll be shipped right to your door for FREE! YAY!

Follow these directions:
Just go here for the diapers or here for the training pants
Scroll through and pick the diaper sizes you want
They are all on sale this week for just $4.50 per pack
Add 12 packages to your cart
Checkout and use coupon code: Clover
This will give you 17% off
You will also qualify for FREE shipping
So your total for 12 packs of diapers will ONLY be $45 shipped + tax!
That equals out to just $3.75 per package... not bad!

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Kathy said...

Thank you sooooo much for this deal. I don't have a Walgreens nearby, so I'm really exited to be able to still get a great deal on these!!!

Victoria said...

Wow, that is a GREAT deal! I'm a loyal Pampers customer but this seems too good to pass up!

But...how good are they?

Maranda said...

I tried to do this deal and it reset my ammount of packages to 2 packages. The comment it gave me was that Walgreens reserves the right to limit the ammount of items. I'd love to hear if it worked for anyone else.

Hip2Save said...


I was able to purchase 12 packages. I did purchase different sizes, so maybe that makes a difference. I'm guessing they may not let you purchase 12 of the same size.

Hip2Save said...


I love their diapers. My kids have sensitive skin and these diapers don't bother them at all.

leah said...

I found the diapers to be good.. but if I remember right I thought I needed to go a size up..

Maranda said...

That might have been the problem. I have two that wear the same size.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I thought I got a good deal last week using the $2 coupon on the Pull Ups that were on sale at CVS. This is amazing.

They did reset my quantities, so I went in and got the same size in blue (I have a girl), because my little one loves pink and blue. I also ordered a few in a size larger for later and it worked.

Thanks again for showing us the amazing deal!

Melissa, Houston

Amanda said...

These are great diapers. I prefer the Premium over the regular diapers but either one is fine. The training pants are great!! I really prefer them to the Pull-Up Brand. They are stretchier and seem to fit longer, which is good for me since my four (nearly 5) year old sleeps like a rock and wets the bed every night.

Elizabeth said...

They've caught this and now will not let you purchase more than 2 of any of the sale items :(

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to add: even with a combination of several different items, I could not get more than 2 of any item.

Clairissa said...

Just discovered your site and absolutely love it! Thanks for all you do and the service you provide! Just an FYI...I got the $50 coupon booklet from the pharmacy and our version in Atlanta does not have the diaper coupon. I was so disappointed. They must be regional??? Not sure why ours was different.

ann said...

AMAZING!!! thanks so much!!!

Hip2Save said...


Thanks so much for the great feedback!:)

There are actually 2 pharmacy booklets available right now and one doesn't have the diaper coupon inside. The pharmacy coupon booklet that has the diaper coupon inside has an expiration of 6/30/09.

B J said...

Wow, I am so disappointed. I should have read all the way through these comments before I studied this deal, did the math, discussed with my hubby & made the decision to place the order. Can't get more than 2 packages of the size I need -- they lost a sale. Thanks for the heads up on this deal, though & kudos to all who were able to get more than 2 packages of each size.

Cents in the Cities said...

Thanks for the heads up on this diaper deal. I'm going to email this to my sister who has 2 babes in diapers right now--she might be able to take advantage. Found you at Ring Around the Blogs--great site!

Lyndi said...

Good idea, but they are all sold out online, bummer

Jenna said...

I have a question about the pharmacy $2 coupon. Or make that two

1.) Do they take this coupon from you or do you keep it like the ES cat?

2) does this work like the ES coupons, they scan it once and it takes it off all the diapers.

Hip2Save said...


It just depends on the cashier you get. Some cashiers will take it, some won't. I make sure not to cut out the coupon and just hand them the booklet. That usually helps.

Oh and yes the pharmacy coupons are just like the EasySaver ones. For example, if you buy 5 packages of diapers you'll only need to scan one coupon and it will deduct $10!:)

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me. Clicked the link and nowhere were there any Walgreens brand diapers-even as a search of their site. Hmmmmm...any suggestions?