Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gymboree: 30% off everything- May 14th-17th!

Mark your calendars!!!
Gymboree just released a HOT coupon:

This coupon is valid May 14th-17th

Pair this coupon with clearance items and you'll get some sweeeet deals!


Anonymous said...

more great deals!!!! what type of mini computer did you get???? i'm in the market for one.

Hip2Save said...

I have an HP TouchSmart, but I'm actually already having problems with it!:( I may be returning it for a different model.

Jackie said...

Did any of you read your Sunday parade? For decades, frugality has been despised as stinginess......., but now it has arrived. You can practice it openly, without fear of contempt; people might even applaud. This is for those of you who feel like a criminal when checking out with your great deals. Anyone can go buy retail (I shudder at $500 + handbags) but it takes real skill to put together your scenarios.

Elizabeth W said...

Also at Gymboree, you can earn Gymbucks! For every $50 you spend right now, you earn a $25 coupon to use off your $50 or more purchase July 16-26.

Jaime said...

A word on Gymboree... note that most of their coupons have a unique code and can be used only once. I have been bitten in the behind by this before. If you have your own code from an email (like I have) don't share the code with a friend because then you won't be able to use it yourself. :( FYI.