Saturday, May 23, 2009

Printable Coupons: Coffee, Tea, Banana Boat...

New High value Coupons are available: has yet even more new coupons! If you're a coffee or a tea drinker, then you'll definitely be excited about some of these:

Save $1.50 on Tazo Tea

Save $1.50 on Seattle's best coffee

Save $2 on any 2 packages of Maxwell House Coffee
They've just made the value way higher on this coupon, so make sure to print it now! It originally was only save $1 on 2!

Save $1.50 on any Starbucks coffee (10 or 12 oz.)
The value on this has gone up too! It was originally only $1 off one.

Save $2 on any 2 packages of General Foods International Coffee
This is another new one and different from the previous coupon available!

Save .75 on any packages of Solo Cups, Plates or bowls

**Oh and if you can believe it almost all the Kraft coupons have reset for me again! Yay!

There is also a HOT new Banana Boat coupon available: Save $2 on your next Banana Boat Sun care purchase! Just fill in your info to print the coupon.

This coupon can be doubled during Kmart Super doubles, so you could potentially get $4 off a Banana Boat product! Also, Walmart has the Banana Boat Baby/Kids Stick SPF 50, priced at $3.97. Use the $2 coupon to get it for only $1.97!

Other New Coupons:

Save $1 on any one 12 pack of Snapple Tea
This is a SmartSource coupon.

Save $1 on any box of The Skinny Cow truffle Bars

Save $1 on Any Bear Naked Product
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fran said...

Thanks Collin, I am having trouble with printing...the top part of the coupon prints, the bottom is missing the very bottom, but the Banana Boat picture is okay...I'm going to try to read about trouble shooting.
ShopRite has these 1/2 price just till today, if anyone is going there today.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, all:)

Anonymous said...

Why do the Kraft coupons reset for everyone but me?!?!? The last time they were reset, mine didn't say print limit reached but would only print the ones that I hadn't printed before. Its frustrating!!!!

joelle said...

They have never reset for me either! Weird how they will reset for some and not others! It is a little frusterating. Oh well.

MattyDoc said...

So first off, the site is AWESOME> I have to say that i thought i was all alone in a coupon-crazed mindset when i go into stores.

But i think i have a savings no one has listed. At best buy, when you check out, they are running an offer to get 8 weeks free magizine subscriptions from Sports Illustrated, Time, People, or Entertainment weekly. And with that, you get a $5 best buy gift card. (total- $20 bucks!!)

Look into it, it worked great for me.

Melissa L. said...

What site is resetting for you with the Kraft coupons?

Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Ugh! Happy for you, but the Kraft coupons have NEVER reset for me :(

Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Question on the Banana Boat coupon, it states "excludes Trial Size, Lip and Stick." Does that mean trial size stick, or all sticks? Would like to get the kids face stick, just wasn't sure if this would work. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Kraft coupons have not reset for me either, on either the kraft website or Sometimes when I log on it states "print limit reached" right away other times it will look like they reset but will not print after selecting.

Chrissy said...

Same for me on the Kraft coupons - they have never reset for me on either site. Oh well, how much barbeque sauce can I really use? :)