Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cereal & Granola Bar FREE Sample Round-Up!

There have been so many FREE cereal & granola bar type samples available lately! I've posted all of them previously, but thought I'd go ahead and do a quick round-up for new readers and old readers that may have missed the posts!

FREE Cereal/Granola bar Sample Round-Up:


Anonymous said...

WHY,WHY, WHY, WHY, Why doe the Total Pomagranite Cerael link keep telling me I've already signed up! Everytime (for the past week) that I've signed up I put in all my info and then at the end they tell me that they "only allow 1 per household". I've never signed up before, that I know of, though. I've certainly never recieved any of this delicious looking cereal. LOL!!
Does anyone else have this problem, I soooo want to try this stuff!!!!
*Blueberries AND Pom in one Cereal, what can get better/healtheir! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not you, I had the same problem.

Vicki H. said...

Hip2Save, i think my printer has some misgivings for you, because it never had to work so hard before i discovered this site. You, however, have given my mailbox new meaning in life! Every week there's something to look forward to in there (be it a sample, a coupon or a rebate) because of you!

Thanks for all you do.

Ashley B. said...

Bear Naked keeps telling me to select my sample, but I did and tried selecting different ones but same msg!

Anonymous said...

Nature Valley keeps telling me that my email address is invalid. It's the email address I have always used for the past 5 years. Why in the world would their site decide that my email address is invalid?!