Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enfamil Coupon Update & Babies R Us Deal!

Remember the *HOT* $5/1 Enfamil coupon I posted recently?

Well, Babies R Us just released a new $4/2 Enfamil formula coupon, valid thru 9/17! Since this is a Babies R Us coupon it can be stacked with 2 $5/1 manufacturer coupons. Your total savings will be $7 off each can! Plus, if you've got any formula checks to throw in, you'll really be getting a sweet deal! (Thanks, BabyGoodBuys!)

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jenisinchina said...

The $4/1 Babies R Us coupon that came up with this link is good for TWO large cans. Large cans run about $25-$30 so that would be a total of $14 off two cans worth around $50.

It's a good deal if you MUST buy Enfamil but I can get two large cans at Costco for $20 which is only $10 per large can. This pays for my Costco membership by itself.

The SoCal Mom said...

Online the BONUS 28.1 oz can is $24.99. It is probably best to find a deal with just the $5 Enfamil coupon.

marybeth at said...

Thanks for the link love!

vs122 said...

Yesterday, my DH got a Target coupon/Catalina for $5 off 2 large cans. I can use the checks with this too, right?

Anonymous said...

I just picked some up today @ Target. They have the Enfamil bonus can on sale for $22.49. I used the $5 coupon + $5 Formula Check, plus a $10 gift card I got for filling a prescription. So I got a can for $2.49. That is a great price!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this - expecting in February but trying to stock up on baby sales now.

what in the world is a "formula check" and how do I get these?

-Christina in Richmond

Anonymous said...

Dear Christina in Richmond

You can obtain formula checks by signing up online or calling depending on which formula you will use. Similac for example offers the strong moms program you can sign up here:

To get Enfamil formula checks you can call 1-800-BABY-123. Hope this helps.

Maria in Chicago, IL