Monday, September 7, 2009

Readers LeapFrog Kmart Deals + Toy Coupons!

I just can't believe all the deals available on LeapFrog products! If you're a new reader or just missed a few of the previous posts, here's a quick recap: LeapFrog TAG reading systems only $2.48 at Target, Kmart LeapFrog TAG book clearance, Lots of LeapFrog coupons and you can even snag a FREE LeapFrog TAG Junior book!

Now to the point of this post! Ginger, a reader, emailed me the picture above! These are all the LeapFrog and other toy Bargains she snagged at Kmart! Total retails value--$165! After Clearance and coupons--just $39.59! I love posting pictures like this because it shows that using coupons does NOT only save you money on your grocery bill, but also in other areas. Being able to save on toys is awesome and in the long run will save you so much money. It's amazing how stocked up you can get for Christmas with next to nothing out of pocket! It just takes a little planning and purchasing months before.

Here's a round-up of current toy coupons available:
Save $10 on the TAG Reading System
Save $5 on the TAG Junior Book Pal
Save $3/1 LeapFrog TAG Book: IE or Firefox
Save $10 on Zippity Learning System
Save $5 on Tag JuniorSave $3 on any of the following LeapFrog toys: My Pal Scout, Text & Learn, Scribble & Write and Alphabet Explorer
Save $3 on any Tag Junior Board Book
Save $10 on the Leapster 2 Learning System
Save $5 when you purchase any Leapster Learning Game
Save $5 on any Zippity Game
Save $5 on a Fisher Price Trio Building Set with a value of $10 or more
Save $5 on a My Little Pony purchase of $20 or more
Save $5 on any $19.99 NERF N-STRIKE Blaster Purchase

There are various high value Hasbro Game coupons available here:
Save $4 on Connect 4x4 game
Save $5 on Guesstures Game
Save $5 on Clue: Secret & Spies Game
Save $4 on Monopoly City Game
Save $5 on Pictureka Flipper Game
Save $4 on Hungry Hippos, Gator Golf and more

**My suggestion-print any coupons above that you think you may use. That way if you come upon something on clearance or sale you'll be prepared!

For more Kmart Deals and Kmart Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

I would wait until you are sure you are going to use the Hasbro coupons. They expire 1 week from printing. They also print an entire page ad on each one before the coupon, so they waste a lot of ink!

danielle said...

awesome deals!!!!...i still need to go over to Kmart with my coupon for the books...hope there are some left...i didnt have any coupons with me last time and couldnt bring myself to buy them, knowing i could save more...

Anonymous said...

I bought a few things at Kmart as well- including books to go with my new Tag readers from Target!

A question- is the $10 off Leapster 2 coupon good on a regular Leapster like the one in the picture?

I *love* that Kmart has 20% off their clearance toys right now. I also scored a Cars board game for $3.99 and two Star Wars Mr Potato Heads for $8 each- an excellent price!

Happy Holidays! :D

Anonymous said...

i went to target and the tag was regular price. i'm bummed.

teeniebeenie6 said...

There is also a pdf coupon for $4 off any Tag book here:

Teresa said...

At my K Mart many of these versions were in Spanish only so I did not purchase, but I was able to snag a couple of the books to go with the TAG system I got for $2.48 at Target. Thanks so much for the great info.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your site! I did snag the Tag system for 2.48 at Target in Columbia, SC. Then headed over to the K-Mart for the books...the best part was that a coupon printed when I made the purchase for $5 off any Leap Frog product! SCORE!!! I am heading over to another K-mart to see if there are different books, using one $3 coupon and the $5 coupon will make them FREE! YEAH!!!!

Abby said...

Was wondering how much she found the Leapster on clearance for? I have not seen the actual Leapster at my Kmart just the games that go with it.

Also just a heads up that the Leapster $5 coupon that prints out at the register from Kmart says on it for purchase of $5 or more so you cannot use them for the Tag books that rang up for $4.80.

Julie said...

In the photo I see a Leapster (not Leapster 2). Can you ask your reader if they accepted the Leapster2 coupon on the basic (non leapster2) Leapster?

Thanks so much!!

Chrissy said...

I tried the link you provided for the Tag book coupon, but it didn't work (said there was a spelling error?). I looked on the site for it too but couln't find it. Any other ideas on how I might be able to get it? I would really really really appreciate it! Thanks!

teeniebeenie6 said...

Hi Chrissy,
Strange, it works when I click it. I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you? If you go to and scroll down to her post on the clearanced Tag systems you can find the link in the comments. Hope that helps.

Dan and Stacy said...

the Tag reader is regular price at my Target too. Pretty bummed about that.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to cut and paste the link for the coupon-the problem was that it is not showing the complete address-you have to copy it all the way down to the next line-it should end with ".pdf" (No quotation marks)
Hope that helps and thanks!!!!

Ginger said...

This is Ginger (my stuff in the pic). Not only did my K-Mart honor the $10 Leapster 2 coupon for the regular Leapster system shown, they took another $10 Leapster 2 coupon & applied it to the Sing-Along Read-Along system! Their computer system read the coupon as $10 off any "system". It was the first time I've done any "real" shopping at my K-Mart & I will be back!

mistisdesk said...

wow I am stoked to find out this is my friend ginger :) way to go girl!

kandi said...

I was able to use the $5 Tag book on clearance books that were marked $5.60. Then I got a $5 catalina Q for another book. I went back and got all the available titles since I wasn't sure if they would keep printing the $5 off, but it did. I had to do separate transactions, but got 6 books for 60cents each.

Anonymous said...

Abby, I got the Leapster on sale at the Columbia, SC K-Mart for $28 and they did accept the $10 off coupon! I bought one game to go with it for $8 and used a $5 coupon, $SCORE! Then it printed out another $5 coupon that I used to get another game for $3! Love the Leap Frog sale, Christmas is getting done quickly this year! Marie

Anonymous said...

Kmart took my 10.00 off Leapster 2 coupon for the regular one as well. Tons of stuff left at the Kmart on Harding/Nole. Rd in Nashville, TN!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found these deals in Illinois?

Anonymous said...

I was able to find the tag books on clearance at the K-Mart in Chicago (5033 North Elston
Chicago, IL 60630). However, I have not had any luck in finding the tag system on clearance.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the zip code to print the $10 off leapster 2. It's not coming up for mine. I'm hoping it still available