Thursday, October 22, 2009

FREE Sample of Prilosec OTC!

Prilosec OTC

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MalibuBeachBum said...

Got it! Thanks!

Off topic: Got my $20.00 Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings gift certificate in the mail today!!!! Anyone else? :)

Anonymous said...

wow. I just got $10. and that too in the e-mail. I didn't print it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Did you have to buy items worth $100 from Rite Aid in order to get $20 gift certi?

MalibuBeachBum said...

Yes, the breakdown is as follows:

. Get $20 back when you spend over $100

. Get $10 back when you spend $51-$100

. Get $5 back when you spend $25-$50

My certificate came in the mail. I didn't even have to request it. They sent me an email letting me know that as a courtesy, they were mailing it out.

Glad to hear that others are getting their Fall Savings certs as well!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i got my pace coupons (two of them since I won twice). Anybody else?

MalibuBeachBum said...

No Pace for me. Haven't won. LOL! But contgrats to youuuuu!!!!

Chrissy said...

Thanks for this post!!! I been trying to find something for my heart burn without having to buy a whole pack and finding out it doesnt work!

Mom who cares said...

I recieved my $20 rake in the savings rebate coupon and was wondering if you can use this and still qualify for rebates?

I thought about doing that one about the eye cream and pantne and you get the $20 cash rebate and qualify for the pink cookware set. You pay $22.00 or something like that, but if I used the $20 rake in rebate, i'd only pay $2 and change. Would this work or would I not be eligible because I used the rebate coupon to pay? Thanks

Mom who cares said...

anony: 2:54 - yes and no - you have to buy $100 worth of qualifing items before coupons to qualify for the $20 rebate coupon. It is not a check, but a coupon you use in the store.

I only spent OOP about $25 to qulify for my $20 rebate - I purchased $100 in items, but after Q (thanks to collins posts) I was able to only pay about $25. One example was my total on one reciept was about $54 but after store Q, MFG Q and the $25 off of $5 Q my total was .98 plus tax - All my items were qualifing - so right there I recieved already $54 towards the $100 needed for the $20 rebate.