Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hooked on Phonics: Overstock Sale + Additional 50% off and FREE Shipping Code!

Yay! Hooked on Phonics has another great overstock and clearance sale going on! Plus, you can use code HOP50 to get an additional 50% off + FREE shipping! Wa--hoo!

Bargain Highlights:

Discover Reading Toddler Edition Deluxe

Was $99.99, now only $29.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $14.98!

Learn Colors on the Go!

Was $10.95, now only $4.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $2.48!

Learn Shapes on the Go!

Was $10.95, now only $4.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $2.48!
**These would make great stocking stuffers!

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Second Grade (2007 Edition)
Was $46.95, now only $14.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $7.50!

Hooked on Spanish
Was $64.95, now only $19.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $10!

Hooked on French Deluxe
Was $99.95, now only $24.99
After 50% off code-- ONLY $12.50!

Lots of their products have already sold out, so hurry!!!


Penny said...

It might be out of the 2nd grade one . I tried adding it to my cart and keep getting error message NO ITEMS INCART. Crap

Anonymous said...

Hooray~ I got some!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, great for stocking stuffers for my daughter. I got "On the go shapes, color, and numbers" for $8.00 shipped!!

Jaime said...

I got the on the go shapes, colors, and numbers too!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Took some persistance to get through but I picked up three of the On the go for 8.14 shipped.

Charisse said...

Shop thru Shop at home for 6% cash back...

Angie said...

Thanks so much! I was able to get the On The Go Shapes, Colors and Numbers for $7.87 shipped!

Katie said...

I had no problems, got the french set and the 2 on the go kits all for $17!!! My daughter is only 20 months but these will be great for the future and if anything the DVDs alone are better for her to watch than TV and for $17 for all 3 items it was worth it. Thanks for all the great deals even though sometimes I get myself into trouble with my DH trying to snag them all.

ginger said...

Thanks for the deal. I go 6 books. Just found your blog last night and already love it. Love the video also

Anonymous said...

Thanks, funny was just looking on their site last night, and complaining about the high prices. Got a few items today :)

Anonymous said...

Great deal. Thanks! I got two of the Numbers on the Go. It will come in handy for our 9+ hr drive to Grandma's at Christmas.

erika said...

cashbaq is 10%

2migirlsmom said...

Don't forget to use Shop At Home for 6% back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I ordered two different ones!

Anonymous said...

thanks I also orderd the on the go books and a wipe off dictionary, total # of books.. 6 for $14.50

Staying Lean said...

Got 6 things for my nieces for under $14 shipped! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Just bought My First Wipe-Off Picture Dictionary...$1.88 (including tax & free shipping)

Mom of 3 said...

got 3 on the go books/DVDs and a workbook for my soon-to-be kindergarten all for $9 shipped! Thanks Collin and thanks for those who mentioned Shop At Home.

kimeve said...

I bought 10 of the 2.49 books for party favors for my son's birthday next month. Thanks!

Little Stinker said...

Thank you! I got On The Go Shapes and Colors!

Anonymous said...

Be sure and look site wide though. Don't just look in the sale or overstock. There are good deals to be found on every age level. I found more stuff when I clicked on the appropriate age level to get more of those cheap books/activity books.

Anonymous said...

My 3 & 4 year old will love these! Thanks!!

Nicole said...

Thank you! I homeschool my son - I bought him 4 workbooks & the hooked on spanish kit & it came out to less than $20.00! Awesome! Thanks!

SAHMinCambridge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SAHMinCambridge said...

Thanks so much for this post. I love giving "educational stuff" as gifts. I just crossed off 5 very dear, close kids off my gift list for $44 shipped! I bought 3 spanish kits and 2 each of the on the go kits. Comes out to $8 a kid for GREAT gifts..last year $8 was a shirt or something? Their parents will be so happy too!!! Thanks Hip!

Jessica F said...

Awesome--thanks for sharing this GREAT deal!

dliver316 said...

Thanks Collin! I got the Toddler reading program that was $99 for $16! Love it! Plus used shop at home for 6% cash back.

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.

Anonymous said...


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