Monday, December 1, 2008

All of this for less then $20!!!

This is a picture of my first shopping trip to Kmart and yes I was able to snag all of this for less then $20!

One main thing I've noticed about most Kmart's is that they are very slow at restocking items. Most of the free items I purchased were the last ones in stock and I honestly think they will purposely not stock them again until Super doubles ends. So if I were you I would make a point to go soon before all the great deals are gone.

Also when the cashier is scanning your coupons keep your eyes on the screen. Make sure the cashier is touching the right product for each coupon. This will create less problems as well as have most or all of your coupons double correctly. If you have a coupon that is suppose to take off a certain amount for 2 or more items then make sure your cashier touches all the products on the screen that go with the coupon. I hope this makes sense!

Here is a list of some FREE or dirt cheap items I found (I am not listing all of the items I purchased yesterday because some of the coupons expired on 11/30)-
  • A few of the least expensive Fing'rs fake Nail kits are priced around $4.49-Use the $2 off coupon found in the Kmart beauty book=.49

  • L'Oreal eye Shadow is $3.49-Use $2 off coupon from 10/5RP=FREE

  • Revlon Emery boards, Tweezers, Nail Clippers (small size) $1.79-$1.99-Use $1 off coupon from 10/19 and 11/16SS=FREE

  • Suave lotion on sale 2/$5 or $2.50 each-Use $1 off coupon from previous All You magazine=.50 each

  • Dove Shampoo and Conditioner on sale for $3.79-Use $2 coupon from 10/12RP=FREE

  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.29-Use .75 off coupon from 10/26SS=.79

  • Endust is $3.29-Use $2 off coupon=FREE

  • Glade Holiday candle holder (they have NO candles in them) $2.99-Use $2 off blinkie or coupon found inside the package=FREE

  • Oust 10oz $2.99-Use $1.50 off coupon from 10/26SS=FREE

  • Mean Green $1.99-Use .75 off coupon from 10/19SS=.49

  • Celestial Seasonings Tea on sale 2/$5 (they have the seasonal peppermint flavor, YUMMY!)-Use $1 off coupon=.50

  • Select Kellogg's cereal on sale 4/$10-Use $1 off coupons from 11/9RP=.50 per box

  • Sobe drinks $1.25-I found a .50 off tear pad coupon at Kmart right by the Sobe drinks=.25 per drink

  • Excedrin 24ct Tabs $4.49-Use $2 off coupon from 10/19SS=.49

  • Angel Soft toilet paper 4pk $1.99-Use .50 off coupon from 10/12RP=.99

  • Glade Aerosol Spray.96-Use $1 off 2 coupon from 11/2SS=2 FREE

  • Wet Ones wipes $2.29-Use .75 off coupon from 11/2SS=.79

  • Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch $1.29-Use .55 off coupon from 9/14SS =.19

  • Argo Cornstarch $1.99-Use .55 off coupon from 11/2SS=.89

  • Pledge 2/$5-$1.50 blinkie coupon=FREE
  • Betty Crocker Frosting 2/$3-Use .50 off coupon from 11/16SS=.50

  • Tic Tac Chills $1.49-$1 coupon from 10/12RP=FREE

  • Almay makeup remover pads $4.99-Use $2 off coupon from Kmart beauty book=.99

  • Calgon 2oz spray $2.09-Use $1 off coupon from Kmart beauty book=.09
  • Vaseline Advanced lotion $3.29-Use $1.50 off coupon from 11/16 or 10/26RP=.29

  • Sally Hansen Nail polish $2.59-$1 from Kmart beauty book=.59

  • Tums Smoothies $1.89-$1 coupon from 11/16SS=FREE

  • K-Y Jelly $4.29-$2 coupon from 10/26RP=.29

Also don't forget to use this $5 off $50 Kmart coupon. Remember to hand it over first before manufacturer coupons.

Happy Shopping!:)

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