Saturday, January 17, 2009

Walgreen's Deals & Steals (1/18-1/24)

EasySaver Rebates

  • AutoExpressions Vent Fresh Elite Auto Air Freshener $4.99
  • $4.99 EasySaver Rebate
  • Plus use $4.99 Manufacturer Rebate-(Check out this post to learn how)
  • Final price FREE plus a $4.99 moneymaker

  • Orajel Cold Sore medicine $8.49
  • $8.49 EasySaver Rebate
  • $1 coupon from 10/26SS
  • Final price FREE plus a $1 moneymaker!

***PLEASE NOTE: You can only choose ONE free after rebate Revlon item from below!

  • Revlon Matte Collection lipstick $7.99
  • $7.99 EasySaver Rebate-$2 coupon from 9/14SS
  • Final price FREE plus a $2 moneymaker!

  • Revlon Matte Collection Eye Shadow $4.99
  • $4.99 EasySaver Rebate-$2 coupon from 9/14SS
  • Final price FREE plus a $2 moneymaker!

  • Revlon Matte Collection Blush or Eye Liner $9.99
  • $9.99 EasySaver Rebate-$2 coupon from 9/14SS
  • Final price FREE plus a $2 moneymaker

  • FREE Bald Guyz
Register Rewards Deals

  • Purchase Select Pepsi/Frito-Lay products-$15 get a $5RR 0r $20 get a $10RR
  • Pepsi 2 liter 3/$4, Pepsi 12 pk 5/$15, Gatorade 3/$3, Doritos & Tostitos & Queso Dip 2/$5

Deal Scenario-

  • Purchase 5 12 pks=$15
  • 1 package of Tostitos=$2.50
  • 1 Queso Dip=$2.50
  • Cost $20
  • Get back a $10RR
  • Final price $10!
  • I have a feeling I will be stocking up on soda like crazy this week!:)
  • Don't forget to save all your Pepsi/Frito-Lay receipts and UPC labels for the $15 in coupons you'll be able to get back!

  • Buy $20 in Select P&G products get a $5RR

Deal Scenario-

  • Purchase 3 Infusium 23 Conditioners & Shampoos $5.99 each=$17.97
  • 1 Crest Pro Health 4.2 oz or Whitening Plus Scope Toothpaste 6.2 oz.=$2.50
  • Total $20.47
  • Use three $3 coupons from 12/28PG
  • one $1 coupon from here or .75 coupon from 1/18 or 12/28PG
  • Pay $10.47
  • Get back a $5RR
  • Final cost ONLY $5.47 for all the above!

  • Purchase select items below- 4 get a $2RR, 6 get a $6RR and 8 get a $10RR
  • Qualifying items- Dove products, Caress, Lever, Q Tips, Ponds, Lipton, Skippy, Ragu, Hellman's and Bertolli.

Deal Scenario-

  • Purchase 3 Skippy Peanut Butters $1.99 each=$5.97
  • 3 Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.99 each=$5.97
  • 2 Dove Haircare $3.50 each=$7
  • Total=$18.94
  • Use 3 .40 off Skippy coupons from 11/16RP=$1.20
  • 1 $1/3 Ragu coupon from 11/16RP=$1
  • 2 $1.50 off Dove coupons from 1/19RP=$3
  • Pay $13.74
  • Get back a $10RR
  • Final cost $3.74 for all the above... Great deal especially for all that peanut butter!

UPDATE:I made a mistake and posted that you would get a $10RR for the P&G deal. You will ONLY get a $5 RR... sorry about that! I also changed how to chain the Register Reward deals below, so take a look. You will still get some amazing deals still. Make sure you do the P&G deal last, since you will be able to roll the $10RR's from the previous deals better then the $5RR from the P&G deal. Hope this all makes sense.

**Chain the 3 Register Reward deals above to get some sweet deals! For Example, do the Skippy, Ragu and Dove deal and pay out of pocket $13.74. Next do the Pepsi deal and use the $10RR from the Ragu/Skippy deal, final cost for the Pepsi items $10. Then do the P&G deal and pay with the $10RR from the Pepsi deal. Your total for that purchase will be .47! Your out of pocket expense for everything will be just $24.22 plus you will still have a $5RR (from the P&G deal) left to use!

  • Huggies Diapers & pull Ups $9.99=$1RR
  • Use $2 off Pull Ups coupon from here or 1/11SS
  • Plus get back .75 from the Caregivers Marketplace
  • Final cost $6.24!

  • Purchase $20 of select Bayer, Aleve, One a Day Vitamins, Alka Seltzer Plus and Neosynephrine=$10RR

Deal Scenario-

  • Purchase 8 Twin packs of bayer Aspirin $2.50 each=$20
  • Use 8 $1 coupons from the 1/4SS
  • Final price $2 for 8 Twin packs!
  • Also don't forget about the Bayer Special Half Price Offer up to $10 Refund (mail-in) from the 1/4SS (This is only good through 1/18, so purchase these products on Sunday)

  • Purchase $10 worth of select Dimetapp and/or Robitussin (on sale for $3.99 each)=$5RR
  • Purchase 3 Dimetapps for a total of $11.97
  • Use 3 $2 coupons from here
  • Final price 3 for .97!
Other Great Deals

  • Kleenex Facial Tissue .99 with in ad coupon
  • Purchase 3 and use .50/3 coupon from 12/7SS
  • Final price .82 each!

  • Joy Dish washing liquid .99 with in ad coupon
  • Use .30 off coupon from 1/18PG
  • Final price .69!

  • Orville Redenbacher Popcorn 2 for $3
  • Use two $1 coupons from All You magazine (11/21) or $1/2 from 1/18SS
  • Final price as low as 2/$1, .50 each!
  • Buy 2 Orville Redenbacher products and Idiana Jones The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull to get $10 back by mail! Check out the details here.

  • Chex Mix 2/$3
  • Use $1 coupon from here
  • Final price .50 each!

  • Dawn Dish Washing Liquid .99 with in ad coupon
  • Use .50 coupon from 12/24PG
  • Final price .49!

  • Maybelline Cosmetics buy one get one free
  • Use two $1 coupons from 1/18RP
  • Final price two for ?

  • One Touch Ultra Mini Meter $14.99
  • Use $20 off coupon from the 1/4RP (will have to be adjusted down)
  • Final price FREE!

  • One Touch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System $29.99
  • Use $30 off coupon from the 1/4RP
  • Final price FREE!

  • Kellogg's Cereal Twin packs $4.99
  • Look for $1 coupons on the packages or use $1 coupon from 12/14RP
  • Final price $3.99!

  • Arizona Tea 2/$1 with in ad coupon
  • You can become a Arizona Ambassador (you will have an opportunity to receive exclusive items and discounts), go over here and click on promo on the upper right hand side!

  • Pringles Minis 2/$5
  • Use the $1/1 coupon from 12/14PG
  • Final price $1.50 each!

  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 3/$2 with in ad coupon
  • Only .67 each!

  • Whitman's Sampler $5.99
  • Use $1 EasySaver coupon
  • Plus $1 coupon from 12/14SS
  • Final price $3.99!

  • Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment $3.49 (Regular price)
  • Use the $2 EasySaver coupon
  • Plus use the $1 coupon from the 10/5 or 1/4RP
  • Final price .49!

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Anonymous said...

On the P&G you said that if you but $20 you get $5 RR but then when you worked the deal, you said that you get a $10RR. I just wanted to check which one it was.

Hip2Save said...

Oops, sorry!
You will get a $10RR!
I will go ahead and change my post right now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Kristie said...

Question for ya! I tried an RR deal one time where you spend $20 and you get $5 back or something like that. I used my coupons and everything and the total was less than $20 so I didn't get the deal. Just wondering if you know when this will happen or not. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The ad preview for the P&G deal looks to me that it says that if you buy $20 you will receive a $5 RR & not a $10 RR.

Hip2Save said...

Oh you are right!
I am so sorry guys! The ad does say $5 NOT $10! I will change that in my post right away! I guess the deal wont be quite as good as I thought it would!

Hip2Save said...

Using your example, as long as you spend $20 before manuf. coupons you should get the RR. The amount can dip below $20 after manuf. coupons and you should still get the RR.

Sometimes Walgreen's employees think that if you use a coupon you wont get the RR but that is far from the truth.

If the RR doesn't print, though, call Catalina(1-888-8COUPON) with your receipt in hand and they should be able to mail you one.

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

At KMart today, my sister and I found coupons for free tostitos salsa when you buy 2 bags of tostitos chips. If you are near a Kmart, stop and look by all the chips and soda pyramids for Superbowl. That will sweeten the Walgreens Deal!

Kristie said...

Thanks for the help! Yeah, I must have just had a bad cashier because I did everything right, but my catalina didn't print... The manager even told me that I had to spend $20 AFTER coupons. I hate when they don't know what they're talking about! I've had problems lately with their ads not matching their registers. It sucks! It's definitely worth it to try though.

Unaota said...

Just wonder what is the new deal now start from Feb8th...Thanks..