Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FREE Aveda Stimulus Package from Self!

Sign up for the Self Challenge between March 10-11th and get a complimentary Aveda Stimulus Package, including aromatherapy, massage and more! YAY!

Just go on over here and fill in your info. After you register you'll be taken to a page that says congratulations. There will also be a spot to click to download your FREE Aveda coupon. You will then just need to bring your coupon in to any Aveda store to redeem your freebies. You can check Aveda locations here.

FREE Aveda Stimulus Package includes:
Aroma Sensory Journey
Cup of Comforting Tea
Stress-Relieving hand ritual
Stress-Relieving Neck and Shoulder Massage
Make-Up Finishing Touch
Aveda Sample


Anonymous said...

I did not get the option to download the Aveda coupons. I did not get a congratulations page. I had to confirm my registration through my email & I didn't see anyplace where it mentioned Aveda.

Anonymous said...

me either :(

Hip2Save said...

Sorry, guys. This deal may be dead already?

Anonymous said...

I just did this, after you fill out the form it takes you to a page that says customise your profile or something like that on top of the page is a pink box with the link to the coupon, not all the locations actually partisipate in this promotion so clik on the link on the bottom of the coupon before to verify that you still want it mine ended up beeing 17miles away even thoug there are stores about 8 miles away. it is a pdf so you can print for your friends to!


Anonymous said...

i tried again and it worked :)

Frugal City Girl said...

I am excited cause I was able to print mine. I called my store in the Florida Mall and they said yes they do it can't wait. Hopefully my neighbor printed hers (she put me on to Hip to Save and Couponing)We can head out for a girls day when kids are in school. Thanks for all the info

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks. You are the BEST. Do you know how long we have to redeem these?

Jen said...

I got the coupon but for some reason, I'm having a tough time printing it all out--it has a big blank spot in the middle of the color printout. Anyone else having this problem?