Monday, June 15, 2009

FREE Samples: Degree, K9 Advatix & Paint!

If you're a BJ's member, you can snag a FREE sample of Degree Men Absolute Protection Cool Rush and a $2 coupon. Just go on over here to request this sample. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Other new freebies:

Use this coupon here to get a FREE Tube of K9 Advatix or Advantage for your dog. This offer is valid through 6/30/09. One of my readers redeemed this coupon at her local PetSmart. (Thanks, Julie)

Mark your calendars-Starting June 25th Glidden will start their National Paint Giveaway! You'll be able to pick out your favorite paint color and they'll send you a FREE quart!


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the advatix is for dogs only??? I have cats.

Anonymous said...

can the coupon only be used at bjs

Anonymous said...

in the fine print, it says "Free tube to be applied at your clinic" did anyone that redeemed this have to take their dog/cat into the vet to get the tube?? I have a giant dog that HATES to go to the vet, and YES he knows where we are when we pull up into the parking lot...dunno HOW!! I usually buy K9Advantix from (way cheaper) but if I have to take him in so they can apply it I will!

Anonymous said...

it says "K9 Advantix is for the use of dogs only" so sorry...none for cats. There is a chemical in it that makes cats really sick.

Anonymous said...

Please don't put this on your cats!!! It will make them VERY sick or even kill them. I used to work at vet clinics and saw this a few times. It's not pretty and sometimes doesn't end well!! You can use Advantage or Frontline for you kitties :)

Ida said...

will you by chance remind us about the paint later?, i'm worried i will forget.

thanky so much for all the great links