Monday, June 15, 2009

New Hormel High Value Coupons!

Hormel just added some new coupons to their site! You'll need to go on over here and either login or register to access these coupons.

Coupons Available:
Save $.55 On One Pkg Hormel Natural Choice Deli Sandwich Meat
Save $.55 On One Pkg Hormel Pepperoni
Save $1.00 On any One Pkg Hormel Microwave Bacon
Save $1.00 On any One Pkg Hormel Party Tray
Save $2.00 On One Pkg Hormel Refrigerated Entrée

The Hormel refrigerated Entree $2 coupon is a nice value and should make for a sweet deal when paired with a sale. Anyone know what the regular cost of these are?

(Thanks, Yoly from Cuponeando!)


Amber Berry said...

These are normally around 5 or $6 a piece, but are great in a pinch!

Anonymous said...

Publix has them on sale for $4.99 until tomorrow.

Frugal Friend said...

This will be great with a BOGO sale!

Anonymous said...

My supermarket has these BOGO this week!!

Anonymous said...

I've never had these bogo in my area, but they will be marked down on managers special (due to expire in the next few weeks) for $3-4. I just freeze them and heat them up when I really need a quick dinner! I've never seen the $2 q before, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

5.99 @ target

Jennifer Pix said...

My Cub Foods store (Minnesota) had them on sale last week for $3.99, but they were out when I went to buy them so I got a rain check, now with the $2 off coupon I'll be able to get them for $1.99 -- awesome! Now I'm so excited they were out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kroger has them on sale this week for $4.99, so only $2.99 w/ coupon.