Monday, June 22, 2009

Printable Coupons: Betty Crocker, Yoplait + More!

Printable Coupon Round-Up:

Save .50 on Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies and save $1 on Marshmallows with the purchase of Brownies
IE or Firefox

Save $1 on one box of Total Cereal
Click on the $1 coupon link

Save $2 on 2 packages of Eight O'Clock Coffee
Click on "Discover the Savings" in the right hand corner.

Save .60 when you buy any 3 cups of Yoplait Whips Yogurt
IE or Firefox

Save .55 on any Sunkist Naturals Drinks
Click on "Print coupon".

Save $2 on any package of Huggies Diapers
This is a PDF coupon that is found in a downloadable Graco catalog on page 35. The coupon doesn't expire until May of 2010!
(Thank, BabyGoodBuys!)

Save $1 on the new Lea and Perrins Thick Classic Worcestershire
Click on the $1 coupon link.

Save $1 on Tyson Cornish Game Hens
(Thanks, MoneySavingMadness!)

Save $1 on the Atlanta Journal Constitution Sunday Newspaper
This coupon can be redeemed at Kroger ONLY!
(Thanks, Sharon!)


Noelle said...

That is an awesome Huggies coupon! Now there is always a good coupon when diapers are on sale! Thanks H2S!

Stacy said...

how do you print just page 35 for the coupon and not print the whole booklet?

Jami STL said...

just wish I had that huggies coupon to use with last week's target deal + target coupon. oh well surely it will hit again while this coupon is still good. it's an awesome deal. shower gifts here I come. thanks so much.

Rob said...

It appears that we can print off this coupon as many times as we want. Is that right? I'm just wondering because I know most coupons have a 2 print limit and am wondering if it was their intention for us to print as many as we would like. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Jeez people think for yourselves. Do you need a zillion coupons for Huggies or not? No matter what Collin's opinion is people will do it anyway. If you need just a few then print a few. I find $2 Huggies coupons all the time. I think their intention is for you to buy Huggies and not Pampers or Luvs. LOL!

FrugalMama said...

The Betty Crocker brownies are on sale at Kroger this week, and there is also a shortcuts coupon that will stack. Nice stock up deal! Thanks!

Rhonda said...

Great brownie coupon! Usually, I see 50 cents off 2. Looks like I'll be heading back to Kroger....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You can print just page 35 by going to your printer settings and there should be a place that says print page ?? to page ?? and you just put 35 in both blanks.

Hope that helps.


Unknown said...

FYI If you go to Frugal Fairhope, she got an email from Graco asking that people not use the coupon. It wasn't supposed to be downloaded with their catalog into PDF format. It's kind of like the toothpaste coupon, and we're punishing the manufacturer by using so many of them. Do with it what you will, but I won't be printing it.

Anonymous said...

to the BOGO fetcher. promote your site else ware, b/c your site sucks. Did not even have my town and there are 250,000 ppl here!

Anonymous said...

Be nice Anon.

Kate said...

The Huggies coupon is gone out of that Graco catalog now. I had it saved on the computer and I printed one, but called Huggies to make sure it was a coupon they would honor. When I was talking to the lady, we both pulled up the catalog and the coupon is gone out of it. She did say that if the store will take the coupon I can use it and that if they don't take it I can call back and they will send me coupons that I can use. Nifty!

Tina said...

I'm not seeing the $2 Huggies coupon. Was it removed from the catalog?

katie said...

I had downloaded this to my computer but it crashed... is there anyone out there who could email me the pdf???