Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Restaurant.com: $25 Gift Certificate ONLY $2!

Restaurant.com is offering up a new 80% off promotional code:

Take 80% off of $25 Gift Certificates and pay ONLY $2 thru 6/15! Just use promo code PRESENT!
So for a total of just $2, you'll end up getting a $25 gift certificate! Treat yourself to a nice dinner out for Father's Day weekend!

If your unfamiliar with how restaurant.com works, then be sure to check out this post about it! You may also want to read through the comments on this post if you still have questions.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone used resturants.com certificates? I have read a lot of bad reviews about them. The deals seem great, but I'm a bit leary.

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

We've used it one time, but I have two more to use. It worked finr, you have to read the fine print to see if there are any restrictions.
But I like them and can't wait to use it again!! Good luck.

Shirley said...

In May when they were offering 70% off I got 4 $10 certificates for a local diner. I only paid 90 cents apiece. I used the first one a couple of weeks ago and it worked just fine---just like a regular gift certificate. The only thing I warn is to make sure you read the fine print on restaurants.com AND of the place you are buying from. My place is really easy---no restrictions on mealtimes or days of the week or what does/doesn't qualify. Their only rule which I think is pretty much across the board is that you can only use one per location per month. I used my first the end of May---the 30th I think----so I've got another for June, July and August. Just normal diner food but healthier than fast food and, after the certificate, cheaper too for lunch or breakfast for the kids and I while out about town. Hope this helps!