Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boston Market: "Rolling" Buy 1 get 1 Free Deal!

Have you used the $3 off $6 or more Boston Market coupon yet?

Well, according to Kay, she used her coupon and on her receipt she received an additional coupon to buy one meal and get one FREE. She then used that bogo coupon and guess what? Another bogo coupon printed out!

It looks like you can keep "rolling" this deal and basically get 50% off 2 meals every time you eat at Boston Market! This is a great way to save money... especially if anyone in your household eats out a lot. My hubby would love this deal, but we unfortunately don't have a Boston Market nearby!

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Anonymous said...

You don't gonna believe this
we have 2 BM in here last week I want to use to coupon and 1 location was closed for business and the other one was close becase was set on fire a month ago...just my luck