Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walmart: FREE Glade 4.9 oz Soy Candles!

The 4.9 oz Glade Fragrance Collection candles at Walmart are on rollback for just $3! Use the $3/1 coupon from All You magazine (August issue) to snag these for FREE! Please keep in mind that Walmart prices do vary by location.

UPDATE: Don't forget that Amazon is offering All You Magazine (1-year subscription) for just $15 (the price will show up as $19.95, but once you add the magazine to your cart it will drop to $15). That equals out to just $1.25 per issue. That's a great deal, especially since using one coupon out of the magazine will basically pay for one issue! (Thanks for the reminder, Jennifer!)

Also, stay tuned for an extensive Walmart deal list posted later today!

(Thanks, ShortOnCents!)

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Unknown said...

If you go to you can order an entire year of All You for just $15 - That's $1.25 an issue. It takes 6-8wks to get your first issue.

AMP said...

Thanks Jennifer. I want to subscribe to this magazine.

trash2cash4u said...

CVS will have the larger candles for 6.99 next week with 6.99 ECBs so you might want to hang onto those coupons if you have a CVS nearby!

savin' cash in IL said...

I purchased 2 candles at wal-mart yesterday with the coupons for $3 off. They had 2 scents to choose from orange vanilla, and I can't remember what the other one was.

Jen said...

If you use your Swagbucks to get the Amazon e-cards you can use them on the magazine subscriptions too! I got my All You for just $5 for a year.

Betsy said...

Is the deal still good for the All You Magazine? It's still showing $19.95 once it's in my cart...

Rebecca said...

What page is the coupon on...I've looked through my mag twice and can't find it.


Leslie said...

The walmart in Bellingham WA has the larger 10oz three wicks for $4.50!

Jolyne said...

My granddaughter brought over her fundraiser for the Fall season.
Magazine subscriptions was one of the items available.
I was prepare for high prices. To my surprise I could get a two year subscription to "All You" for $20!!!
I could not believe it.
Of course I ordered two years.

Jackie said...

THANKS for the info on the FREE 4.9oz candle. I also got 2 FREE 2oz Glade Fragrances (8/9 SS) and 4 more of the 4.9oz candles (8/9 SS -$3.00/2) for a total of 7 candle's all for $7.50. WOO HOO

Tricia said...

I can't find the coupon in the August All You either. Anyone?

Jennifer Watkins said...

Where are you located? I was wondering if I could join in on the deal and sign up for your granddaugter's fundraiser too. I have paypal or could send a check etc. I am serious!
Jennifer Watkins

Damien said...

You can also get the $3 off coupon on by using zipcode 30013.

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