Friday, August 14, 2009

Target; Edwards Singles & LeapFrog Coupons!

Tonya, one of my reader, emailed about some sweet clearance she came across at Target! She found the Edwards singles on clearance ranging in price from $1.14-$1.80! Plus, you can use the $1 coupons I posted about previously:

Save .75 on any Edwards Singles with ice cream
Click on "Get Special Savings" to access the coupon
This is a PDF coupon and doesn't expire until 10/17/09!


Save $1 on any 1 Package of Edwards Singles Dessert- any Variety
IE or Firefox

Your final cost for one single dessert could be as low as .14! Let us know if you're able to find these on clearance too!

Also, Sarah from GiveMeNeither alerted me to two new high value LeapFrog coupons available. These are PDF coupons and don't expire until 12/31/09!

Save $10 on the TAG Reading System
Save $5 on the TAG Junior Book Pal

If you received the Target Back to School home-mailer, then you can combine the $5 Target LeapFrog coupon found inside with either of the above manufacturer coupons! You could end up getting a total of $15 off the TAG reading system and if you can find it on clearance you'll score an awesome deal!

For more Target Deals and Target Coupons visit the new


Katie said...

How do you get on the Target Back to School home-mailer list? I never get anything from Target in the mail...

Mommycia said...

The edwards pies are on Albertsons deals alot for under $2. If you use a doubler you can get the pies for free! And boy are they yummy.

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

Im going to check my Target today! We LOVE these pies!

Brian said...

Hey great blog - I think people are really starting to see the value by using internet coupons. Sites like yours and my favorite, are what helps people like me save money every single day. The services that you guys provide is so valuable to people like me and I thank you for it!

Alyssa said...

I just saw these Tag systems on sale yesterday at Target!! I was hoping to find a coupon for them! Thanks I am so excited!!

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

Thanks for the tip! I got the peanut butter chocolate for 60 cents!

Anonymous said...

Got 2 Edwards singles for $0.14 each!

Carla said...

Where do you find the Tag $10 coupon, or is it just a savings if you buy it from the site? I saw them at Target for $35, and would love to use the coupon to make it an even better deal. Is there one? Thanks!!

Carla said...

Never mind, I tried the link again and found it! :) The first time it took me to the Leapfrog website! Thanks so much for all your hard work! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! :)

Chandra said...

I found a ton of Edwards Singles on clearance. I was able to in fact get them for .14 cents each. If you combine this deal with Purina dog food deal posted on this site it ends up being a money maker!