Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Victoria's Secret: Play the Pink Panty Jackpot & Win a FREE Pair of Pink Undies + More!

Being part of the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation means snagging lots of freebies! Not ONLY can you snag a FREE Beauty Travel Kit ($25 value) with ANY PINK purchase, but you can also snag a FREE Lace Trim Thong ($9.50 value) with ANY Pink purchase! Just bring along this coupon--valid through 9/2.

Wait, though, it gets even better! If you're a Pink Nation member, thru 9/28, you can play the Victoria's Secret Pink Panty Jackpot sweepstakes (you will have to login to play)! You could win one of 10,000 FREE pairs of Pink panties. If you win, you'll immediately be able to print a certificate for a FREE Victoria's Secret PINK Cotton Undie ($7.49 value)! Keep in mind that you can play as often as you like until the sweepstakes ends.

Don't forget to snag a FREE 1 oz. Victoria's Secret Pink Body Lotion while you're there! Just bring along this coupon--valid through September 7th!

(Thanks, MojoSavings!)

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Nicole said...

there is also a printable for a free beauty rush lipgloss. i'm just not sure where it is.

Alicia said...

Yay! I won a fair pair of panties!

Laura said...

Here is the link to the lip gloss!

Lizel said...

I was able to snag a free travel kit and a free Pink Lace Thong (no coupon needed) with just my Pink Lollipop purchase for $1.5+tax!!! Yooohooo...

Hurry up ladies!

Anonymous said...

Bummer - My VS doesn't know anything about the travel kits, so none in the store.

Anonymous said...

my store didn't have the lollipops and i wasn't paying 8.00 for lotion just to get the travel bag

Anonymous said...

I just realized I have a VS gift card I still haven't used for $30!!! So I am about to clean up on this deal and only pay $5 out of pocket! Woo hoo!

Karen said...

Where is the coupon for $10 off $35?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Go to and sign up to be a member of their Pink Nation and it will allow you to print out the coupon. The coupon was on a pink banner on the right side of page once I signed up and logged on. The coupon included both the $25 travel bag coupon and the $10 off $35 coupon.

But! Just to make sure, don't clip off the coupons at the bottom of the page...keep the whole page intact. I heard they may give you trouble if you don't bring in the whole printed thing. Wouldn't want you to possibly get hassled.

My trip was this! :)

5/$25 undies

added one more $10.50 undie to make it $35 to B able to use $10 off $35. Undie rang up $5.00/was $10.50 but didn't seem to matter!

The free panty valued at $9.50 Q

The free 1.0z lotion Q

The travel gift bag worth $25 BUT missing the lip butter WTH? Did anyone else have this problem?

In all after coupons and freebies the total was $21 and some change! It was a great day at VS!