Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rite Aid Deals 11/22-11/28

Remember you can go here and print a $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon that will make all the below deals that much sweeter! Also, don't forget that you can go on over here and participate in the Rite Aid Video Value program! Watch videos to earn various Rite Aid coupons--including a $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon!

Also, Rite Aid has a new Gift of Savings program that starts today, November 22nd and runs through December 24th! Yay! You can earn up to $20 back when you spend over $100 (before coupons)! Go on over here to check out all the details.

One more thing--if you're having problems with Rite Aid accepting your coupons, you'll definitely want to check out this post regarding Rite Aids corporate coupon policy!

Single Check Rebates
(Rebates below are a limit of one unless otherwise noted)

Benevia $7.99
Get a $7.99 Single Check Rebate #79
Use the $5/1 coupon from here
Final cost FREE + a $5 moneymaker!

HealthPlus Day/Night Colon Cleanse Kit $17.99
Get a $17.99 Single Check Rebate #83
Final cost FREE!

Chopper By Conair $26.99
Get a $6 Single Check Rebate
Plus, use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon
And the $5/1 Conair coupon from here
Final cost $10.99!

Duracel Powerpix AAA or AA 4 pk $5.99
Use the $3/1 in ad coupon
Plus, use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/1PG
Final cost $1.99!
**Do this Duracel deal 3 times and you'll be able to submit for the $5 Duracell rebate #45! Final cost ONLY $0.97 for 3 packs of batteries!

Other Great Deals

Special K Cereal $2.50

Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $1.50!

Promax Bars $1.40
Use the buy one get one free coupon from here
(may not be available anymore)
Plus, use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 8/16SS
Final cost $0.20 for both bars!

I want to thank ForTheMommas for her help with compiling these and make sure to check out her post here for even more deals!

Also, stay tuned for lots of great Black Friday deals and scenarios!

**New to Rite Aid shopping?!?
Check out this post
or better yet, check out my Rite Aid video!

For more Rite Aid Deals and Rite Aid Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

For the Duracel Deal - do I need to do 3 seperate transactions? or can I buy all 3 in 1 transaction & submit for the rebate?
Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

off topic, but i desperatly need some GOOD razor deals, fixing to take a trip for thxgiving and my husband and i both only use the really good 3-4 blade..mach3 is the best for us, i usually get scuffed up for some reason with the soleils and venus's...has anyone off the top of their head seen a good price on them i could make a good deal scenario with?? i dont usually like the register reward stuff, i need the money savings today not next trip this time

Mom Who Cares said...

off topic - last night I was so busy and then tired we just went to bed with out checking for the rite aid deals.

I also told my hubby I was not going to do any shopping today as I have a busy day today. I have a deadline to meet by tomarrow morning for my business. Anyways - my hubby just left a bit ago to get todays newspaper and it is snowing outside. It doesnt snow much here in IDaho.

So, I am glad I didn't plan on going to do any shopping today. :)

I have to say... i totally miss Florida. We plan on going back eventually, but with the recession the way it is, not for several years. Florida is to hard to live in right now. To many of the katrina evacuees there living off of the state and even more people from other places hurt by the recession going there to get away from the cold.

Florida is going broke supporting those people all going on walfare and now the state is wanting to raise taxes even more, to cover the costs, on those who actually do have home payments etc... :(

Times are tough - thank goodness for couponing!

Have fun shopping today ladies!

mrs. b said...


Rite Aid will have Schick Razors (Intutions, etc) for 1.99 on Black Friday, pair that was the 2.00 off coupon in todays paper.....FREE!

Anonymous said...

i dont have rite aids out here, ill prob just suck it up and stop at target and just get what i get and not throw a

Anonymous said...

whats the zip for the hair dryer coupon? thanks

Anonymous said...

never mind I seen that it isnt a hair dryer

Mariah said...

There is also a Luvs mega pack diaper deal. $9.99 with $2 SCR paired with the $5 coupon from the mailer. $2.99 for a pack of diapers not bad!!! I also got One a Day vitamins for $3.99 with them being on sale for $5.99 and the $2/1 coupon.

Heather said...

One question: I just entered my Rite Aid receipt into the Holiday Gift of Savings area. I'm assuming I don't have to enter it under the regular SCR area, correct? I saw it pending in the SCR area, so I'm guessing entering it in the Gift of Savings takes care of both spots. Is this accurate? TIA!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Rite-Aid and they had their digital photo frames from philips 75 percent off. They rang up 22.49. I had a $20.00 fall rebate check so I paid 2.49. My Rite-Aid had several brand digital frames for 75 percent off. These will make awesome grandparent gifts.

Mariah said...

Heather, When I submitted my receipt there was a pop up saying it was received and that it would be entered into all eligible rebate programs. When I did the fall gift of savings it was this way as well. So yes, you should be fine to just enter it once and it will apply it to SCR as well.

Heather said...

Mariah: Thanks for confirming what I suspected. I appeciate the help!

Anonymous said...

When you enter your receipts it does apply it to the single check rebates as well as the fall give savings. When I did it they gave me my rebate plus the $20 I earned for spending over $100 pre-coupon total.

Anonymous said...

Guys I just thought of a great idea. Buy the Luv diapers 7.99 and buy the Benevia 7.99. use 3 off 15 coupon, 5 dollar coupon for the mail and 5 dollar coupon for Benevia. pay 2.98 out of pocket and get 9.99 back!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if u can buy the duracell batteries all in 1 transaction? (since the coupon states limit 1) ... or should I do 3 seperate transactions?

Coupon Pro said...

nice money maker... heading to Rite Aid right now..

Anonymous said...

sorry, the luvs are 9.99 but still a money maker when you buy these adn the benevia...

Unknown said...

Ducolax is FREE this week! There is a 4.00 in ad coupon and paired with the 3.00 coupon on the bottle and it's on sale for 6.99 so that comes out to FREE. Also if you haven't don't it yet since I know it's been on RR at Wags recently, you can submit for a 5.00 rebate making it a 5.00 money maker.

I bought the Benevia for 7.99, a St. Ives body wash for 3.29, and two Ducolax for 6.99 each and three candy bars for .88 each... after Q's I paid 1.46 OOP and will get 7.99 SCR and 5.00 MIR back

Mike said...

So I plan on getting the Colon Cleanse Kit and the Benevia, total of 25.98. Use the $5 off $25 Q, $5 Benevia Q, then I'll get back 25.98 in SCR + $5 for gift of savings. Total money maker of $15...not bad at all!

Anonymous said...

anyone know the zip for the promax bars? thanks.

Sanditerese said...

I went to Rite Aid yesterday and they told me they have a new policy that just started. The $5 off $20 (and other similar RA coupons) have to be scanned AFTER all other coupons. Anyone else been told this?

Unknown said...

@ Sanditerese I used my 5.00 off 25.00 first and also my 4.00 off Ducolax in ad coupons in addition to a 3.00 manufacturer's coupon to make them free with no problem tonight at all from the cashier! Sounds like bull from your cashier to me.

Erin said...

Thanks, Janet! I was looking for something else to get me to $25. I only wish I had opened the little hangtag to see the $3 coupon! But I used the $2 one, so good enough, I guess.

Mariah said...

Did any one have trouble getting your SCR for the Crest Scope Outlast? (Rebate #121) I bought exactly what it said and I didn't get the rebate. My mom didn't either. When I e-mailed they said I must have entered something wrong, but I got all my other rebates that were on that receipt.