Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Deals 11/22-11/28

Numerous readers are having issues with being able to stack a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon together on one item. Well, the good news is that Target's coupon policy clearly states that you can use both coupons together on one item. Their policy also states that if the value of the coupon is higher then the value of the item, then they can adjust the coupon down. Plus, their coupon policy in now available to view online here! Yay! Print it off and keep it with you every time you shop at Target. You also may want to read more about the coupon issues people have been encountering and what can be done about it here.

Another policy that you'll want to bring along with you is the Target Price Matching Policy! This policy states that you can use a manufacturer and/or Target coupon on an item that is being price matched. It also states the price matching exclusions--which you'll want to be aware of.

**Also, Target is now giving a $0.05 credit for each reusable bag you use when checking out! I'm excited about this. It's just another great way we'll be able to save at Target. I would call ahead to make sure your local Target is participating.

**If you're new to Target shopping, the make sure to check out my "Follow Me Monday" Target Shopping Video!

New Deals:
(Some of the deals are the same as last week)

Snowflake Ritz Crackers 16 oz $2.79
Use the $1/1 coupon from here--click on printable coupons (the last tab in the upper right)
Plus, use the $1/1 Target coupon from here
Final cost $0.79 per box!

Hershey's Kisses $2.49
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/13SS
Final cost $1.49!

Buy 8 cans of Del Monte Canned Vegetables $0.45
Use the $1/8 coupon from the 11/15RP
Plus, use the $1/6 Target coupon
Final cost just $0.20 per can!
(Thanks, Makin'ItInMichigan!)

Buy 8 Del Monte canned fruits $0.97 each = $7.76
Use 2 $1/4 Target coupons from here
Plus, use the $1/8 manufacturer coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost just $0.60 per can!
(Thanks, CrazyClippers!)

Betty Crocker Potatoes (selected varieties) $0.79
Use the $0.40/1 coupon from here
Or the $0.35/1 coupon from the 11/15 General Mills insert
Final cost as low as $0.39!

Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup $0.49
Use the $0.30/4 coupon from the 10/11 or 9/20SS
Final cost $0.42 per can!

Swanson Chicken broth $0.49
Use the $0.35/4 coupon from the 11/8SS
Final cost $0.40 each!

Gold Fish Crackers $1.66
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.91!

Snag a FREE pack of Danimals Yogurt with ANY 2 of the following: Kelloggs Nutrigrain Bars $2.50 and/or Pop-Tarts 12ct $2.50
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 packages of Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars $2.50 each=$5
Plus, buy the Danimals Yogurt 6 ct. (FREE)
Use the $1/2 Nutrigrain coupon from here (login or register)
Plus, use the $1/1 Danimals coupon from the 10/4 or 11/1SS
Final cost $1 per item!

McCormick cinnamon & Chili Powder--temporary Price cut $0.99
(small container)
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 10/18RP
Final cost FREE!
**The coupon will actually not beep and will be adjusted down to the $0.99 value. (Thanks, Carol!)

Triscuits $2.50
Use $1/1 Target coupon from here
Plus, use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/8SS
Final cost $0.50!
(Thanks, MoneySavingMom!)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Tubs price at just $1.87
Use the $0.75/1 Target coupon from
Plus, use the $0.75/1 manufacturer coupon from here (IE or Firefox)
Final cost just $0.37!
(Thanks, KrazyCouponLady!)

Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum $249.99
Get a $75 Target gift card
Pay $174.99
And then submit for the $30 rebate
Final cost $144.99!

Wii Game System pack $199.99
(includes a remote, NunChuk, & Wii Sports Game)
Get a $20 gift card back when you purchase one
Final cost $179.99!

LeapFrog Didj Educational Gaming System $39.99

Any coupons?

Little People Fun Park Value Set - 50% off -- ONLY $19.99!

Little People Nativity Set - 50% off -- ONLY $12.49!

Santa Buddies Blu-Ray combo pack $19.99 (released on 11/24)
Use the $10/1 coupon from here
Final cost $9.99!
**You can also sweeten this deal further by submitting for one of these $5 rebates! You can either get a $5 rebate when you purchase Santa Buddies & a whole Butterball Turkey or a $5 rebate when you purchase Santa Buddies & any 2 Kernel Season's products! Final cost after one of the $5 rebates ONLY $4.99! Plus, don't forget about the $2 Butterball Turkey coupon available here!

Select Command Hooks $2.49
Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Plus, use the $1/1 manufacturer coupon from here
Final cost $0.49!

Travel Size St. Ives Body Wash & Skin Lotion $0.97
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/15 insert (regional coupon)
Final cost FREE!
(Thanks, Lynne!)

(Thanks so much to The Frugal Find for the help with compiling lots of these!)

***Check out the previous Target weekly deals and Price matching deals here. Lots of deals are still available to do this week!

***Also, if you're unsure about the new Target coupons and figuring out what are actually manufacturer coupons, then make sure to check out the post Couponing To Disney did here. It's very informative!

For more Target Deals and Target Coupons visit the new


Amanda C. said...

Just thought I'd let you know that Target has updated their Price Match policy again.

Now the Target coupon will be applied BEFORE the Price Match and if after the Target coupon the price is still higher than the Price Match, then they will Price Match to the competitors price.

The whole thing doesn't make any sense to me, because either way, you're still going to get the competitor's price, so why bother with the Target coupon in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I have a question: I just printed some new coupons from and they have the Target logo on them but say manufacturer's coupon, so my question is I cannot use this in conjunction with a manufacturer's coupon I cut out of the paper, correct?

Tarin said...

anyone know where i can get the little people nativity set for $12?

Couponing4myTacoma said...

wow - I mean really. It really negates the reason for a coupon. Some people use them some don't. If with or without the coupon, the best price is going to be EXACTLY the competitor's price, why shop Target?

It's easier to go to the store your price matching.

I guess the ONLY scenario i would imagine going to Target instead is if the store with the good price is out of stock.

REALLY stupid rule...

mrs. b said...


If the target coupon just has their logo, but says manufactor...than correct you cant use it with another manufactor coupon.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...


The McCormick coupon from the 10/18 RP expires today and some areas, like mine, got a free Kelloggs fruit chew wyb 2 poptarts or nutrigrain bars. :) There was a $1 McCormick off any spice or extract coupon from the 11/1 RP. (Exp 12/6)

Thanks for linking me!

Shanna Barnhisel said...

I bought a Wii at Target a couple weeks ago but now they have it for the same price and a $20 gift card back. Can I take my receipt back and the ad and get the gift card?

Vicki H. said...

i think the rule is to keep Target from "losing" any more than they have to. Let's imagine you want a vaccuum Target is selling for $175 and they have a $10 coupon for it = $165. (Target just loses $10 to the sale). If Sears is selling it for $166, you can't pricematch it and get $10 off for it as well with the coupon, bringing it down to $156 any longer. Target would lose $10 off the sale at the most instead of $19 if you could pricematch and then use the coupon. What they're assuming, though, is that we are going to buy that vaccuum from them no matter what, which is silly.

With the Target coupons, they don't get reimbursed from anywhere, and i believe that is why they are putting a limit on the prints. For example, i bought 40 peanut butters for 34 cents each last month because of their sales and coupons. Now hold on flamers -- i feed a family of 8 and these 40 will last a month only (we go through a jar a day), i donated several to the Boy Scout Food Drive, and i got just a few at a time rather than clear the shelves so that anyone could stock up right alongside me. Your jokes about me bathing in peanut butter aren't as funny as you think they are. Back to my point: Target may feel they lost $40 with all those $1 Target coupons.

What they don't realize is that the only reason i step foot in the store, ever, is to get the deals i can when i use their coupons. When they stop allowing me to shop with them and stockpile, i won't go back because their prices aren't so great without them. This isn't much of a threat and Target may not care -- i may be the kind of customer they want to keep out of their store, as they were having no problems keeping their numbers in the black before couponing became so widespread and 99.9989% of their customers were paying retail. They can function just fine without us. One issue though, is that they can function just fine with us too. i see it as they didn't lose $40 to me, they gained $7 that i would have spent somewhere else. And Skippy continues to want to keep Target's shelves stocked with their products because of their amazing sales numbers. It's all a matter of perspective :) .

Please understand that when *most* companies claim they want you to get the best deals, it is PR malarkey. Nearly no one knows the CEO of Costco quietly reduced his salary from over $500,000 to $36,000 recently, because he didn't advertise it. (I have no affiliation with Costco.) Wall Street Brokers know he did it, and marvel at his "brilliant strategy" (and Costco shares rose). He knew he could personally afford a year with the cut, and in doing so, he didn't eliminate his employees' benefits during the recession, and Costco's share value as a whole stayed high while others fell. Target is among the majority of companies that do not put their money where their mouths are. i see nothing wrong with guarding future profits (the point of capitalism is to grow wealth), but it's the PR malarkey that i find annoying.

In their correspondence they encourage us to give them suggestions about how to help us get the best deals, and then take it away from us when it turns out it works for us. Sorry if i sound bitter, i don't mean to be, but as Target tightens the reigns there's not a lot present here to be optimistic about regarding shopping with them. It won't be worth my time/gas driving across Tulsa to pick up two cheap jars of peanut butter, or two boxes of hefty storage bags, now :) . i believe Target is fine with that.

Anonymous said...

I did not find the Little People Nativity set online. Is the 50% off a local target deal?

Tara S said...

Vicky, well said!

Anonymous said...

yep...if they don't want my coupons..then I'll just shop elsewhere...cause you can get better deals w/out coupons at other places. THey aren't losing anything...when I go in and use my coupons...I am getting all kinds of things that I wouldn't have bought otherwise b/c I feel like I am saving enough to make it ok:)

Anonymous said...

I see no Ritz coupon with the link. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

i am with you on the ritz, don't see it. any help would be appreciated, am trying to get to ten boxes for the rebate and we had NO coupons in our paper on 11/8 that everyone is talking about. thanks

Lesley said...

I can't get the printer to install, and the kiosks at my local Target don't work......have checked many times this week...frustrated!!

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

The nativity is listed in the same box as the Amusement park deal. It is listed just above the price for the Amusement park.

Lolo said...

@ Shanna,
If you have the extra funds to do this, the best thing to do is to go repurchase the Wii system at target under the new deal and then take it back a bit later using the original receipt from the first one if you have it as I am assuming you have opened the 1st purchase already or something like that that is preventing you from returning it and repurchasing it.) That way you will still get the sale and gift card deal, but you can't return what you just bought with that receipt because it will deduct the amount of the gift card etc.... from the refund amount. Hope that makes sense. (here is to hoping you have kept your original purchase receipt!)

Lolo said...

@ fisher,
you are no longer able to print coupons at Targets kiosk because of their new coupon system. Unfortunately it is a bust. :( SO sorry.
And the Ritz coupon is regional to the newspapers. The Los Angeles times had it, but not the local North County times in San Diego here, so I am assuming it was only distributed to the major papers.

Shelley Beaches said...

Yep, most of these items, I already got last week at Walmart, or drugstores ... and now that Target does groceries, my favorite grocery store accepts Target coupons! Thanks for posting the deals, though!

Pilar said...

Excellent, Vicki. I couldn't agree more. Target is the most expensive grocery store in my area and I never, ever shopped there til I found about their coupons and the ability to stack with a man. coupon...price matching was nice, too. But, due to the employee incompetence and general rudeness, I'd still venture in rarely. Now, with the new policy/printing changes forget it. I scratched them right off the radar. WalMart is just as close in the other direction.

Lesley said...

Thank you for the info, I did ask at Target, and no one thought there was any change, and thought it was just a little problem they were having. Great to know!!!

Joy said...

Just curious. How you can use a Danimals coupon on the Pop Tarts deal? The Danimals are free when you buy two Pop Tarts. I'm sorry but I don't think the coupon Nazis at Target will allow you to use a coupon on a free item.

Anonymous said...


You can use a coupon on a free item. I just did it with the rice krispies and yogos deal, and plan to do this deal as well. It may be different at your store, but most of our cashiers don't even know when there's a free item. Good luck! I think it's def. worth a try.

Unknown said...

I still cannot locate the Little People Nativity set for $12. Can someone please point me in the correct direction? Is it on the Target web site, printed advertisement, or something else.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


The nativity set is advertised in the weekly ad from the sunday paper. When I went, they were all out and so I got a raincheck.


Anonymous said...

Anyone running into issues with Target not accepting their own store coupons that beep lately?

Just yesterday, I tried to use my Ritz Target coupon. It beeped, and the cashier handed it back to me. She said they cannot accept any coupon that beeps now. I printed the Ritz coupon from their website under the new two-limit system!

I was so disappointed that I wasted my ink. Now I'm nervous to print anymore Target coupons for fear I'll use precious ink on coupons they won't accept. :(

I plan to send an email to corporate, but I wanted to see if you guys were running into this too.

CJ said...

Anyone know how long the $1.87 price on I Cant Belive Its Not Butter will last? Both of my Targets have been completely out of them all week.

Anonymous said...

To Shanna:
I do not know if Target will give you the gift card, I believe they will up to 14 days. I was going to let you know however that I have been shopping for the cheapest Wii I could find, and Amazon has a deal that if you buy the Wii for $199 and the Wii fit for $89 you recieve a free $50 Amazon gift card. This deal comes with no sales tax and free shipping, so it saved me over $80. I hope this helps!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to say Thanks a bunch. Me and my sister both scored a TAG reading system for $14.99 for our girls!

Anonymous said...

I'd do as Lola suggested. Buy it again, pay for it at the electronics department, then take it up front to the customer service dept and return it using your orginal receipt. Their price adjustment period is 2 weeks so if it's within that timeframe, then just get the price adjustment with the orginal receipt. I've done the same with other smaller purchases and never had a problem.

Heather said...

Vicki H., thanks for the well thought out, insightful post. I couldn't agree more.

For me though, I refuse to give Walmart one penny of my famiy's money. I'd rather eat glass. So, while I'm annoyed, I will likely continue to shop at Target. However, my first choice will be my local Kroger store (Fred Meyer).

Anonymous said...

When you get a chance, can you fix the goldfish coupon link.

Thank you

Ashley B. said...

Is anyone else not finding the Ritz coupon on Save A Lot's site??? Also Goldfish link is not there...

Anonymous said...

Heads up - here in Las Vegas they finally did away with the Glade giftcard deal (which I thought was on thru December). Not sure if it went down everywhere else but hopefully we are all the ones who stocked up on the deal while it lasted for the holiday gift baskets.

Anonymous said...

About the Glade deal... I have seen Target take down signs for month long gift card deals before and even have higher prices marked when the deal was still in effect. I got the items anyway(after price checking to make sure it was still the sale price-it was!).When I went to check out, I just told the cashier that I thought it was a gift card deal but if it turned out not to be then I didn't want the product. It did still generate the gift card. I have not done this with the Glade deal. It was the Kellogg's fiber bar deal about 6 weeks ago. I don't know why Target does stuff like that!

Melissa said...

My Target store took down the signs that advertised getting the $5 GC but I too was curious as if it was still in effect or not and took 5 up to the cashier and it generated a GC for $5. I think they are just not advertising it anymore, but if you want to try it I say go for it! My Target is out of everything that is on sale so I have a stack of rainchecks to take with me the next time they are in stock!

Anonymous said...

Target has select Triscuit and Wheat Thin items for $2 through Wednesday. I paired the Target $1 off and the manuf. $1 off coupon and got a box of Wheat Thins for free! :-)

Amber said...

Anon @ 5:14 I had trouble with my Target Qs today too. My Ritz cracker one (from the new site) beeped too - my cashier pushed it through, but I can't figure out why on earth it beeped (I bought the size it specifies). And the register freaked out when she scanned the Up & Up wipes coupon too. It wasn't just a normal "beep", it was a red screen that said something like "invalid coupon". She pushed those through too (my Target has always been coupon friendly). But, no, it's not just you. I hate how their registers beep at everything - I'm tired of feeling like a criminal and having to explain every coupon that I'm using. *sigh* I may just give up on them all together...

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that all the FP Little People Nativity sets were sold out at the 5 Target Stores in Tulsa today. There were no raincheck slips located on the shelf, so I assumed that wasn't a possibility, but I will ask tomorrow. No one could tell me if they would be getting more in, as they said they were a seasonal item. It was such a great price, I wondered if they were clearing them out because of some religious bias?? They did have a substitution (so they called it)for the FP Farm with Sounds for 17.99 regularly 34.99. Anyone have any inside scoop as to whether they will be getting more of these in.

Unknown said...

At my target del monte sugar free mandrin oranges are ringing up $.95. With the $1 q they are free.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Target did to their registers either, but I am having trouble w/ coupons beeping too. The manu ritz coupons beeped and I had the right size box so he pushed it through. I also went today with the coupon for the 1.00 of 3 gravies, it beeped saying invalid. The cashier just looked at my 3 gravies, then pushed it through. I am not liking this, it will make me think otherwise about shopping at Target:(