Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walgreens Deals 11/15-11/21

Weekly Register Reward Deals

Aussie Hair Care products $2.99=$2RR
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 10/11PG
Final cost FREE!

Buy 4 Dove Conditioner $2.99 each=$2RR
Use 4 $1.50/1 coupons from the 10/4RP
Final cost $0.99 per conditioner!

Ricola Mixed Berry Cough Drops 19 ct $1=$1RR
Use the $0.50/1 Walgreens coupon from the Health Savings booklet
Final cost FREE + $0.50 in overage!

Thermacare 8 Hour HeatWraps $5.99=$4RR (on 2)
Use 2 $3/1 coupons from here
(UPDATE: There may be NO prints left for this coupon)
Final cost $0.99 each!

Other Great Deals

French's French Fried Onions $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.49!

Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.40/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.59!

Lindsay Olives $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/2 coupon from here
Final cost $0.49 each!

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.50
Use the $0.40 coupon from the 10/4RP
Or use the $0.75/2 coupon from the 11/15RP
(these values may vary depending upon your region)
Final cost as low as $1.10!

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice 2/$5 with in ad coupon
Use the $2/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $0.50!
**Remember you do not have to buy 2 to get the in ad coupon discount.

Maxwell House Coffee 11.5 oz 2/$5 with in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 coupon from here
Final cost $2 each!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $1.50
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from here
(if this variety is included)
Final cost $0.75 per package!

Cheez-it Crackers & Keebler Cookies (small boxes) $0.50
This is a great price for these! They usually go on sale for $0.99!

Select Kellogg's Cereals $1.99
Use the $1/1 or $1/2 coupons from the 11/8RP
Or from here
Final cost as low as $0.99!

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers $2.50
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.50!

Breyers Ice Cream $2.99
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/13SS
Final cost $2.24!

Nestle Jingles bags $3
Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $2!

Demet’s Turtles 7 oz $2.50
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost $1.50!
**These went on sale last year for just $1.50. I'm hoping they do that again this year too!

Blistex Lip Care $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost $0.49!

Air Wick i motion Scented Oil Warmer 50% off--$4
Use the $3/1 coupon from here
Final cost $1!

Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kit 50% off--$7.50
Use the $5/1 coupon from the 11/15SS
Final cost $2.50!

Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic 50% off--$7
Use the $4/1 coupon from here
Final cost $3!

Snuggle Fabric Softener 80 sheets or 32 loads 2/$7 with in ad coupon
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 10/4RP (exp. 11/15)
Final cost $0.50!

Walgreens WAL-ZYR All Day Allergy Tablets 14 ct buy one at $9.99, get one free
Use the $2 coupon from the November coupon booklet
(will deduct $4 for purchasing 2)
Final cost just $3 per pack!

Knox Nutrajoint Plus 12o ct buy one at $24.99 (Online price), get one free
Use two $7/1 coupons from the 11/15RP
Final cost $5.50 each!

Ziploc Bags (select varieties) $1.99
Use the $1.50/2 coupon from here
Final cost $1.24!

Deal Scenario:
Purchase 4 Ziploc Bags $1.99 each=$7.96
Use 2 $1.50/2 coupons from here
Pay $4.96
Submit for the $5 SC Johnson rebate
Final cost 4 packages of Ziploc bags for FREE!

Scotch Magic Tape 3 pk $1.99
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 8/9RP
Final cost $1.49!

Scotch Transparent Tape $0.39 with in ad coupon
Great filler item for your coupon to item ratio!

Monthly Register Reward Deals

Buy 2 select Rolaids=$5RR
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 100 ct Rolaids $4.99 each=$9.98
Use the $4/2 coupon from the 10/4SS
Pay $5.98
Get back a $5RR
Final cost $0.98 for 2 Bottles!
(Thanks, Dana!)

Buy 2 of these products below=$2RR, buy 3=$8RR
Motrin 165 ct
Tylenol 150 - 225 ct
Tena Serenity
Bengay ( 4-5 Pk pouch or 4 oz cream)
J&J First Aid (4-12 pk pads, 25 pk Gauze, Tape or Guaze Roll)
Lubriderm 16 oz.
Johnson & Johnson

**It has been reported that the Lubriderm Daily Moisture for normal to dry skin Fragrance Free 6 oz with the UPC 5280048826 priced at just $3.79 is a participating products for the Register Reward--ONLY this variety, though!

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Lubriderm Daily Moisture for normal to dry skin Fragrance Free $3.79
Use 3 $2/1 coupons from the 10/11RP or from here
Plus, use the $1/1 Walgreens Lubriderm coupon from the Diabetes & You booklet
(will deduct $3 for purchasing 3)
Pay $2.37
Get back an $8RR
Final cost FREE + a $5.63 moneymaker!

Comtrex (20 count) $5.99
Use the $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon from the 11/1SS
(this manufacturer coupon may be a higher value depending upon where you live)
Use the $3 coupon from the November coupon booklet
Plus, use the $2 coupon from the Healthy Savings Booklet
Final cost FREE + a $0.51 moneymaker!

Theraflu is on a mega-saver all month long priced at $5--buy 2=$3RR
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Theraflu products $5 each=$10
Use 2 $2/1 coupons from the 10/18SS
Plus, use the $2/1 Walgreens coupon from the Health Savings booklet
(will deduct $4 for purchasing two)
Pay $2
Get back a $3RR
Final cost 2 for FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Dulcolax Balance $7=$4RR
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
(you may also find $3/1 coupons attached to the packages)
Pay $4-$5
Get back a $4RR
Final cost as low as FREE!
Plus, submit for the $5 rebate to make money on this deal!

Buy 2 Vicks Dayquil or Nyquil 2/$9=$3RR
Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons from the 11/1PG
Final cost $1.50 each!

Buy Almay Pure Blends Foundation $9.99=$10RR
Final cost FREE!

Buy other select Almay Pure Blends Cosmetics $6.49-$7.99=$5RR
Almay Pure Blends Mascara
Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow
Almay Pure Blends Lip Gloss

Nexxus Mousse on sale 2/$5
Buy 2 and use the $4/1 coupon from the November Coupon Booklet
(this coupon will automatically deduct $5)
Final cost 2 Nexxus Mousses for FREE!
(Thanks, AbundantFoodSavings!)

Have questions about Walgreens?
Check out this Walgreen's Q&A post or better yet check out this Walgreens Video!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new


Tressa Card said...

don't forget you can price match with Walgreens add at target on the kelloggs cereal and use their $1 off coupon plus any MQ to get free or really cheap cereal. The target coupon does expire on the 17th so you will need to do this early in the week.

k said...

Thanks for the French Fried Onion link - I only had coupons for the larger containers!

Tomorrow I'll finish up my Thanksgiving shopping with the cranberry, onions and olives.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Walgreens and they had Loreal Bare Naturals Eye liner and eye shadow on clearance for $2.59. In the November Healthy Savings book there is a coupon for $3.00 off Loreal Bare Naturals. I tried to buy some and the register adjusted the coupon and took $2.59 off for the eye liner, but not the eye shadow. You could combine this with another Loreal coupon and make it into a moneymaker.

Chelsea M said...

Can you use the BOGO Coupon for the ricola with the .50 cent Walgreens coupon to get it for free plus $1 RR?

cnrbuck said...

Anyone have trouble with the link to the Welchs Sparkling juice??

Says I have printed but i have not

Melissa said...

i haven't been couponing long and am still learnng the ropes so i have a couple of questions..for the aussie deal i don't have those coupons so could print the 4 coupons online and use them in the store? and can i use them all in one transaction or would i have to do multiple transactions? Thanks in advance!

Dawn said...

When I went to print the thermacare coupon after signing up for it, it said "thank you for your interest in robitussin, however you have exceeded your print limit" That is weird huh?
I haven't even printed either of those coupons!

Melissa said...

sorry..i wrote the above comment but i meant to ask about the dove conditioner deal not the aussie deal!!

Amber said...

I tried buying the Robitussin to go 2 count last week and no RR printed. There was no signage at my store about a RR deal and the manager didn't know either. Has anyone had any luck with this monthly deal?

Anonymous said...

FYI-Unless you have a nice cashier, the Ricola coupon in the store booklet is only on the 50 ct. bag. Our store wouldn't let me use it on the smaller bag with the RR.

Jennifer said...

The older healthy savings booklet is wider and shorter then the new one. It has an African Amercian family of 6 on it (also says over $30 of saving inside,) that one has the riccola coupon for .50 off the 20 count bags. Hope that helps.

Kim said...

Amber, The Robitussin deal is dead. I read about it on Slick Deals. The manufacturer pulled the promotion early due to lak of product. HTH!

Unknown said...

I work at Walgreens and the rubatiss to go was canceled for the rr. It will not print .

April said...

wouldn't the almay one coat mascara be a 1dollar money maker?
6.99 get 4RR use the 4 off coupon from the november coupon saving booklet.
i just checked the coupon and it should be right

Anonymous said...

What is a good sale price for Ziploc bags?

Anonymous said...

I went to Walgreen's today and found 2 juice with the coupons and was getting four of the progresso soup and they wouldn't let me use the healthy savings coupon with a manufactuers coupon =( Called customer service and they said that the november booklet and healthy savings one were manufactuer ones =(

Anu said...

Hi Collin,

For the SC Johnson rebate, can I have the 3 products on different receipts from different stores?


Heather said...

FYI: The Robitussion 2 Go 2 pack is NOT on RR anymore. I dunno if it will get fixed but I bought it last night & had them return it since I only wanted the RR into another deal.

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said... would need to have the Dove coupons out of the newspaper, I do not think there are any Internet Printables right now.

Amber... the Robitussin deal is dead as far as I know.

April...I do not think there is a RR deal going on the One Coat mascara...where did you see that?

Anon 1:36...I usually wait until a deal comes around to get baggies for Free, but if you need them I would really try to hold out to get them less than $1

Anu...they do not need to be on the dame receipts!

HTH!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lubriderm coupon will not print...says no more prints available! :( Darn...and I just got the diabetes book today!

Anonymous said...

Will someone please mail me a November Healthy Savings Book???? I will pay for it of course! :) Thank youuuu! I will send you some coupons for being so nice! I've looked everywhere for it.


Springfield, mA

Anonymous said...

AIR WICK $3.00/1 Printable Coupon: Says" Air Wick Scented Oil X-Press Warmer WITH REFILL PURCHASE. I do not see a refill purchase required in your post...They only other $3.00/1 coupon is for the i-Motion STARTER KIT.

+$4.00 AirWick Warmer 50%off
-$3.00 PrintableQ WYB Refill
+2/$5.00 AirWick Scented Oil Refill (Price from Website)
-$1.00/2 PrintableQ WYB 2 Refills

=$5.00 for Scented Oil Warmer and 2 Scented Oil Refills

**You should probably do a test print of the coupons you write about. There are specifics on the coupons that it won't tell you before you print.

Anonymous said...

The TUMS Dual Action RR is only $3 not $4; therefore $1.99 after the $3 coup and $3 RR. Not a great price for only 25 tablets.

Renata in Iowa

camommy23 said...

I don't think the kids Breath Right works for the RR. I tried one the other day even though the sign didn't show the kids one. The manager personally did it and no RR came out. She said it is not a participating product. Let me know if anyone else has luck with this. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Anon 3:40PM--

I can send you a November Healthy Savings book. Email me at and we can work out a trade :-)

Anonymous said...

for some reason I couldn't get the Lubriderm Q... Everytime I filled out the form I had to accept their privacy policy, once I hit accept it knocked me complete out of the internet! Very weird... & I love Lubriderm, great for dryskin! Bummer:-(

Abby said...

Chelsea I got the same response when i tried to print the Welches ?

Anonymous said...

I'm done with Walgreens.Too many bad issues with cashiers here in CO.I think they all take lessons in bad manners.They roll their eyes when you give them coupons,take great pleasure in telling you you can't use a certain one.If they don't want to take coupons they should put a notice on the door and be done with it.

Melissa said...

Thanks *~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~*! Sorry to be a bother but I have one more question...for those that use multiple coupons do you use them all at once or in different transactions? TIA!!

Anonymous said...

The 11/8SS French's French Fried Onion coupon is only good on the 6oz size. Wags ad is for the 2.8 size.

linda said...

Does anyone know if it states anywhere that Bayer will not give a rebate if you use a coupon?
Seems like BS to me to get denied after the fact. I cant find anything stating that you don't qualify if you use a coupon. Just got back letters denying me a check for this reason!

April said...

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~*

the almay deal I am thinking is right is on page 13 of this weeks sales ad at the top.

it looks like they the picture in the ad and on the coupon are both almay one coat nurishing mascara.

but maybe I'm wrong cause I am sure someone else would have noticed it by now.

linda said...

sorry, my comment was about the Bayer Breeze 2 or Contour Glucose meters....

Anonymous said...

Greetings All..

Anyone knows corporate policy, if any, when coupon value is highter than sale price. Some cashiers/managers adjust price of item or reduce coupon manaually. Others just refuse to accept such coupons.


*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said...

Anon 5:08...have you tried calling the district manager? I've not have one problem at WAGS here in Denver that has not been solved by a single call to district

Melissa...I'm just trying to make sure I understand your question...I think the answer is yes (we use the in one transaction). For example, if you buy 4 dove conditioners (to get the $2 RR) you would use 4 $1.50 coupons on that transaction. Is that what you're asking? :)

Linda...i've heard of many others having issues with their rebates, but I don't think I've seen it printed anywhere

April...I see what you are talking about on pg 13, but the $4 that they are taking off is actually the IVC, and not a RR (so there isn't a RR on the one coat)Sure wish there was though! HTH! :)

Michelle said...


I also received a letter from Bayer this week after I bought the Contour for $14.99 and used the Sunday paper coupon to get it for free.

They said "You are ineligible to receive the rebate because you got the item for free" and enclosed a copy of my receipt.

The only thing my receipt said for the coupon was "Manuf. coupon $14.99" and I had bought other items, so it wasn't the only thing on my receipt.

I was pretty mad just like you, but I can't argue the fact that I got it for free. :(

*~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* said...

Doaa...If you ask WAGS corporate for an "official" coupon policy, they will tell you that they do not have one...and it is up to each store. The one time I've had issues with a store manager accusing me of committing coupon fraud by asking him to adjust a coupon down, I called the district manager, who profusely apologized and had a talk with he manager less than 5 min after we got off the phone. So, based on my conversation with the district manager they should (and can) adjust coupons down! HTH! :)

Anonymous said...

Seems fair to me that they would reject the rebate if you used the coupon to get it for free... JMO. I'm happy with the $5 RR and donating the meters to someone who needs them.

Brenda said...

It has been great scoring free Nexxus mousse for my daughter!! I'm packing up a care package of free goodies to send her right now!!

Melissa said...

Yes that's what I was asking...thanks so much *~*~*Bargain Blessings*~*~* for answering!! I just wasn't sure if you could use multiple coupons for the same products in one transaction. Now I know!

Anonymous said...

I beleive breathe right for kids is dead, I tried at two loactions, they looked things up, said it should work...but nothing ever did.

Anonymous said...

I used a coupon on the ricola's 19ct. in combination with the coupon in the staying healthy book and it would not work because it was for a larger quantity, and I did the 2 free Almay mascara's last week and it the total was that they owed me .35 cents in which they won't do so I grabbed a candy bar seeing as I hadn't had lunch...

Lolo said...

I was able to print 1 therma wrap coupon just a few minutes ago at 8:39 PST. After tht it told me I had exceeded my limit. So I do not think it is dead, but you only get 1 shot at it.

Brenda said...

Therma wrap not dead this morning. Just got one.

Alma said...

I went last night to Wags and tried to do the benadryl/sudafed 20/10RR deal and my RR didn't print. I also did a Theraflu and still it didn't print. The mngr told me that I could not use Q's and RR and on RR deals bc they would not print..plse someone help me out!

Amanda P said...

I was at Walgreens today, and happened to walk by the Loreal stuff. They had the Bare Naturale mineral eyeliner and eyeshadow on clearance for $2.59. There is a $3 off coupon in the November Healthy Savings book (I found it next to the regular November coupon book and the weekly ad). The register adjusted the coupon down, so it was free!
I'm south of Boston..

Cara said...

I asked the cosmetics girl about the Almay deal and she said that she hadn't seen or heard anything about the foundation one. I also couldn't find anything in the ad about either Almay RR deal. Only sale on the one mascara. Anyone else have more information? And the French's onions are the small ones only and the coupon is for the bigger size.

Also CVS has Christmas catalogs up front that have $4 off of $20. I picked one up after my purchase. Wish I had had it before hand.

Cornbreadwithbutter said...

A walgreen employee (possible assistant manager)told me what I was trying to do with the ricola 1rr and .50 wag coupon was coupon fraud; because I was getting it free and then .50; I had asked about it because it didn't print out the register 1rr when I used the .50 coupon. I'm new at this and she made me feel like a criminal. Please let me know if that is right!

Unknown said...


Walgreens employees tend to take it personally when you're getting a good deal. You're not comitting fraud of any kind. You would have still been paying 50 cents plus tax for the cough drops, and then getting a $1RR back. Make sure you're using the correct coupon. It's from the Healthy Savings All Season Long book, not the November coupon book. HTH. Keep your head up, don't let them get you down!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Wags and I did the Thermacare deal. I could not use 2 $3.00 off coupons, only one! It says limit one per purchase on the bottom. It beeped at the register.

Cornbreadwithbutter said...

Thanks natasha! I'm cornbread now because there are too many melissa's. Most of the other deals have worked, but I have only been coupon shopping for a week. I have learned so much from here..thanks hip2save and everyone who posts. I feel alot better now. I went to another walgreens and they told me the rr had been withdrawn; and the other employee just didn't know what the problem was so she probably said that to make it look like it was my fault.

Anonymous said...

Amanda P how many did you buy? I just tried to by 4 and the coupon did not only beep it like rejected it and said it wouldnt work, the cashier showed it to me. They are usually good about figuring out the problem..and how to work it but were unable to do so.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear...I used 2 thermacare coupons today on the clearanced wrist straps $3.69. It beeps, but after the cashier scanned my RR I was using to pay, it worked!!! You can use two. It's one coupon per items. purchase means item, not transaction.

As far as the Ricola coupon fraud...the cashier probably took your reward when you weren't looking just to stick it to ya. You will definitely get a RR for Mixed Berry Ricola. Unless you just paid with one. Yes, you can't use the .50/1 Q b/c it's not the same size. It should just beep. It's not coupon fraud! It's an overlooked detail! What a bad cashier. I'd go back and complain. Get their name and also complain to corporate that they held your RR.

Ashley B. said...

Ricola coupon in Healthy Savings book didn't work but after I left WAGS I looked in the Diabetes coupon book and saw there was a $0.50 coupon for Ricola for 19 ct, but think its for sugar free and I'm not sure if the Berry flavor are sugar free?

Courtney said...

Just an FYI- The Toy deal you posted doesn't work the $6.99( buy2 get 1 free toys) ring up $4.66 even if you only buy one. So you actually have to get the total to $20. All the $6.99 games are $4.66. Thanks. Love you site

Sally said...

It's in the "Healthy Savings to help you Stay Healthy-All Season Long" coupon book. It says 0.50 off ricola cough drops 19 to 50 ct. I got two packs from two different stores, so it worked for me. Maybe you got the wrong book, not the "November Healthy Savings".

Megan said...

Just want to say that I love WAGS. I have found one in particular in my area that seems to be well stocked and never gives me grief for any coupons. I went this morning and after all my coupons and RR, I got $55 worth of stuff for $13. So excited. I then went this evening and got 2 of the sparkling Welch's grape juice, 2 cans of the Nexxus mouse, and milk for $.09 after coupons and $3RR. Love this site for all the $$$ it has saved me!!! Thanks for all you do:)

Anonymous said...

Anybody have the phone number to the Catalina company handy?? thanks!

Anonymous said...

My store had a different deal on the Vick's Dayquil/Nyquil!

Buy 2 Vicks Dayquil or Nyquil 2/$12=$5RR
Use 2 $1.50/1 coupons from the 11/1PG
Final cost $2 each
(Not that great of a deal IMO)

Also did the BreathRight kids strips this morning and did not work. Didn't have time to check this thread again b4 running to wags. Lost a $4RR but it's okay, I like having this in the house with cold and flu season upon us.

Also, I was able to print the ThermaWrap coupons using different email addresses. Got 2 coupons with my 2 email accts and 2 coupons with my husband's 2 accts; physical address stayed the same. Since we both use this product, I needed to stock up!

The Ricola WQ I used said 19-25ct, it beeped, cashier double checked and then pushed it through.

Anonymous said...

Also, I didn't really read my insert Q for the french's onions and bought two little canisters today with no beeps. Didn't realize the size difference until now.

Terry said...

Can someone explain the coupon to item ratio thing. I never know how to plan for what fillers I may need. The cashiers can't even tell me. They just say my RR won't work and suggest I add another item.

Anonymous said...

to anyone who has had any problems using coupons or has had rude cashiers at walgreens... please write them a letter! call! let them know! i had a terrible experience and i wrote and email. the district manager contacted me and sent me a $10 gift card! they can't fix the problem if they don't know!

Nicole said...

I can't find the knox coupons. I havce searched, has anyone else found those in your inserts.
My husband has bad knees and uses this stuff. I would love to get it for 5.50 a bottle.
So... was it a regional coupon?

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Wags where i used a $10 and $2 RR to buy some items this week, items that should have given me a RR. nothing printed. the manager told me that now if you use a RR for any item that also produces a RR that you won't get the new RR.
if this is true-i'm swearing off Walgreens for life.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I pulled out my healthy savings book. Its white and its got people on the front and it says healthy savings. The ricola coupon I have in there is the same and the other coupon book just 50ct. Is this a regional thing?

I also was going to get the healthy choice meals and they were not on sale =( I called a different wags that I will happen to be at tomorrow and they were on sale there. Only 36 miles apart but completly different weird!

Anonymous said...

Nooo, I used the smaller Healthy living booklet and yeah, that q. does NOT work! You definately need the other one as stated above.
Now I got to go back with the right one or suck it up. It was still free after the RR but not free+ since I had the wrong q. at the time! LOL

Anonymous said...

FOr the inquire about the Healthy living q. If yours states for 50 ct. it wont work unless you have a really nice worker. Good luck with that! lol. They are far a few. Hey, still free w/o it though.

Anonymous said...

From reading the different posts about Ricola 50 cents off q, there seems to be different Healthy Savings books for November. My coupon is 50 ct. only. I have both that booklet (the front indicates "over $160 savings inside" and a reg. Nov. one "over 200.00 savings inside" (which also has a 50 ct. coupon inside). It does make it more confusing for us, doesn't it? That is ok. Free is still free, even without the overage.

Anonymous said...

FYI....I did not have the $1/2 for the Blistex Q from the paper however....on the Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast flavor, they have a teeny tiny 25 cent off coupon on the upper right corner of the Blistex box. It's only on this "flavor" of the Blistex. So by using the 99 cent Wags flyer coupon minus the 25 cent Q = 74 cents for Blistex stocking stuffer which my kids LOVE.

trash2cash4u said...

As Courtney said, the toys are ringing up 4.66. I ended up buying 5 for 23.30 + tax and received the $5 RR. I had $15 in Almay ($5) RRs to use that were "freebies" because I had no OOP except for tax. When all was said and done, I got 5 toys for about .99 each including the tax.

I was kind of "stuck" with the $5 RRs having been out of town-- they expired today, so this was a good way to spend them!

Anonymous said...

Got the free Mousse today along with a TON of other items. Just wanted to put this out their . I counted all my coupons and items to see how many fillers I need before I got to the store. I then saw the Royal pudding is 3/1 that is a great filler item . My choc chip cppkie recipe uses 1 box . with a fam of eight I always dbl it so for 66 cents who cares what brand . I also freaked out when I got back 6 RR today YEAH ME!!!!! Thanks again
I got OREOS for freeeeeeeeeee

Carla in OR said...

Seriously, how confusing can they possibly make it? I can't find that darn NOV. Healthy Savings book anywhere! Have the one from beg. on Fall, Diabetes one, monthly one, weekly ad, aaaaaah! Thankfully I've been able to use most everything I've tried from your scenarios, but good grief it takes me forever to try to figure out where everything is to scan at checkout...esp. considering coupon/item ratio, RRs, multiple transactions, etc! Hope all this mental math is strengthening my mommybrain! ;) Thanks for all the deals, Collin!

Oh, I was able to get 2 thermacare Qs just now, but the French's ones must be gone. Tried to use the one from the insert the other day but then I read it and realized it was the wrong size. Oh well, next time! :)

Anonymous said...

My walgreens had a special set up with a double pack for the Almay One Coat mascara for the same price as the single 6.99. The coupon worked just fine making this a better deal. Wish the rr worked for these that would have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your info for the monthly RR deals?

Unknown said...

I know that it's getting to be pretty late in the month, but today I ran across some of the November Healthy Savings coupon books at one of my local Walgreens so I snagged a few because I've noticed some people on here having trouble finding it. So, if you email me at I would be glad to trade for some other coupons, a stamp, etc :-)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to post something uplifting on the Walgreens comments, because usually we're complaining about mean cashiers etc. I have had more than my share of problems at Walgreens, BUT today was the exception. I had the NICEST cashier today. She saw me shopping for the Aussie products and told me to come to the beauty counter when I was ready to check-out and she would ring me up. After I put all of my products on the counter, she asked me if I had coupons for everything I was buying because if not "she had some". Are you kidding me??? She was going to GIVE me coupons for my products. Anyway--I already had coupons for everything, but thanked her for the offer, asked for her name, and am going to make sure I check out with her next time I shop at that location!

Anonymous said...

i went to walgreens today and bought my FIRST item that should have printed a RR (aussie shampoo) and the RR never printed. what happened? also my walgreens did not have any sale signs by the nexuus mousse so i did not do that deal either. so dissapointed!!!