Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Amazon Toy Deals + FREE Shipping!

Even more Amazon Toy Deals:

Spinmaster Bugville Butterfly Habitat Panorama
Was $14.99, now ONLY $4.98!
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Zobmondo!! Entertainment; The Ladybug Game; Ladybug Game
Was $11.95, now ONLY $4.99!
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Wild Planet Mickey's Mouse-ke-TAG
Was $29.99, now ONLY $7.99!
(Thanks, Julie!)

Deluxe Wood Chess Set
Was $34.99, now ONLY $9.99!

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch TM Grub Scouts Sprinkler
Was $19.99, now ONLY $10.07!

Fisher Price Extreme Launch and Rescue Pack
Was $44.99, now ONLY $15!

Toddlerz Push Toy - Corn Popper
Was $11.99, now ONLY $5.99!

**Please keep in mind these prices may not stay low for long. Amazon has a tendency to raise prices back up quite quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to get my girls the butterfly house, but living in MN I don't think our butterflies would survive the winter after we let them go. :-(

WiJoyMom said...
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WiJoyMom said...

I don't think they would ship you the caterpillars during the winter, as they wouldn't survive the cold during shipment.

We live in WI. There was a butterfly habit a few months ago, by a different brand & they keep the cold weather in mind & won't allow them to be shipped during certain months to cold areas.

An Amazon review said there was an additional cost for the caterpillars.

I did a little checking for a contact #. The company Spinmaster, who makes this can be reached at, 1-800-622-8339 with any ?s

Here is what that company told me today. With the kit comes a coupon, for purchasing the caterpillars (at a discount) from a partner company, Insect Lore, 1st set is $6 for 5 caterpillars and additional sets of caterpillars are possible cost more.

The caterpillars are painted ladies.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if Amazon still price adjusts? I bought the diego backpack in Nov for my son for chrismas from Amazon for $35 and I know last year they did adjust if the price ever went lower within a certain time frame. any ideas? I would love to spend $20 less....

Anonymous said...

I bought similar kits that you don't have to pay for the caterpillars at all.

Anonymous said...

in for the bug siblings are always finding mantis and caterpillars.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, been wanting to get that butterfly house for long time! I'll save it for her birthday :)

Jane said...

we raise monarch butterflies. I am part of a conservation group and release over 100 last year. I find eggs and caterpillars on milkweed (their only food source) and keep fresh milkweed in the enclosure and release them when they turn into butterflies. So, dont need to order then, grow some milkweed and start looking in the spring!

Anonymous said...

Bummer!! I just bought the butterfly habitat for my little boy for Christmas last week for $15!!! I read reviews and people have gotten the larvae shipped in the winter and they did just fine, but releasing the butterflies in the winter might be a different story. You could always wait until spring to mail in your coupon for the catepillars

Heidi said...

Bought the corn popper! Think I'll save it for her 1st birthday in a few months. :) Thanks!

Rob said...

Just wanted to add that the Ladybug game is not very good. We got it last year for Christmas and my kids don't like it. They are 3, 5, and 7, and on family game night I always bring it out as an option and they never, ever choose it.

Anonymous said...

thanks Rob I was planning on get the ladybug game but now I'll think twice about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree...the lady bug game is kinda a doosie. My kids 6, 4 and 2 are interested until the game starts, then they loose interest REALLY fast.

Jaime said...

I am loving that my Bugmaster thingy is already shipped, and I just ordered a few hours ago. I am SO going to miss my free Amazon Prime when it expires! :)

Anonymous said...

Similar kits that i've seen, that don't charge for the caterpillars, retail between $14 and $25. It's only a better deal if you can get the other kits for this price too.

Painted ladies are my son's favorite butterfly (he wants to be an entomologist when he grows up) -- this deal works perfectly for our family. Thanks Hip!

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC, but i got the coupons from the text in deal from Food Lion in the mail today for a free folgers coffee, free nestle choc chips and free 7up or canada dry.
I know there was some discussion as to whether or not this would arrive.