Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grocery Store Deals: Food Lion, Giant + More!

A few more Grocery Store Deals:

Food Lion has a new game to play on their website called The Guiding Stars Game! Play the game and you'll learn how Food Lion rates foods based on nutrition. Plus, after playing you'll be able to print a $1 coupon which can be used on any item which has received a rating of 1, 2, or 3. That means $1 off milk or produce and more. Getting discounts on these types of products is hard to come by, so definitely take advantage of this great coupon! (Thanks, $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge!)

If you have a Giant Food Store nearby, then make sure to print off this great coupon: save $2 off and $5 worth of produce purchased! This coupon is valid through July 18th.
(Thanks, kelly!)

There are a few great freebies to score at Menards this week! Check them all out here.


Anonymous said...

so wish we had some of these stores out here in CA all or grocery stores are so much more expencive then yours see to be and ALBERSONS does not run the double coupons either.

Jackie in CA said...

I hear ya. I was just thinking the same thing and you said it so I thought I would let you know you are not alone.

Tara said...

anyone use the giant one? I used the 5.00 off meat one yesterday and it wouldnt go through, luckily the manager was cool about it and still gave it to me, but i hate to use a coupon that i dont know where it came from, anyone know where it came from?? the giant website??

Tara said...

ok so i see that this one is from the website..duhh. i am having a ruff week, sorry :P