Saturday, October 17, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards: Earn 100 Bonus Points!

Are you a Disney Movie Rewards Member yet?
If so, you most likely received this email:

Play our Scavenger "Haunt" to earn up to 100 bonus points. Here's how to play: Visit select Disney Web pages to find words using the clues below. Log onto and go to the "Enter Codes" page. Simply enter the correct words you found—just like entering a Magic Code—to collect your bonus points.

Basically you'll be watching video clips, finding the answers and entering them for points--100 in all! Good Luck!

UPDATE: Here are the answers:
10 point word: light
20 point word: Tina
30 point word: Gobloon
40 point word: graveyards

(Thanks, SavvyMomFromVA!)

If you haven't joined Disney Movie Rewards yet, then I would highly suggest doing so now! This is a great rewards program... especially if you have kiddos that love Disney movies. Basically every time you purchase a Disney DVD or go see a Disney movie at the movie theatre you earn points. Once you've earned enough points, you can then redeem them for a reward! They have lots of different rewards available from electronics to toys, DVDs and more!

Also, don't forget that if you've purchased any Disney movies recently (example--Snow White), you should see a piece of paper on the inside of the DVD with the Disney Movie Rewards logo. On that paper is a code you can enter on Disney Movie to redeem more points!


Unknown said...

I just received an email recently from Disney Rewards and they said that they would be running promotions on the site for the holiday seasons coming up. I'm waiting to enter my codes because they mentioned double points would be one of the promotions!

Sorry I do not know when they are doing this, I do expect that they will send an email when they do so.


Heather from jville said...

thank you!!! :)

Lynne said...

Thanks so much! The extra hundred points was really nice!

Leah said...

I got the email today. I am so glad someone did all the hard work for me! Thanks for the answers!

Anonymous said...

I do the rewards and already got a TV with DVD player for FREE!!! Fast shipping too!! ITS AWESOME!

Jill said...

This is so nice. To bad I already entered my codes before reading here, but oh well. Maybe next time. I'm so excited for these to add up. Sounds like there are some good rewards! :)

~Mo~ said...

Thank You!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks So Much! Have 370 points and never even bought a dvd!! =] Just from quizes aand stuff like this! Your Great!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost to a free DVD! =] YahoooO!!!!!